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Written by LadyStargazer on 02 Jul 2017 12:40.

Something huddle alone in the darkness, gasping as it tried to contain it's weakness. A flutter of movement, and suddenly, dark, penetrating eyes, looming in the black.

Moirai was sitting in the corner of the room, hands clasped around her knees, as she watched the Queen. The sorceress had sent for her, but since she had arrived, there had been no conversation. The Queen had simply stared at her, almost as though she were looking through her. Moirai shifted slightly and the Queen blinked for the first time since she had arrived. She frowned and looked away.

"Why don't you talk?" Moirai asked, deciding to begin the conversation. Or attempt to.

A slight frown appeared between the Queen's eyebrows; there one moment and gone the next.

"You can. So why don't you?"

The Queen turned her face away, as if to look out of the window. Moirai stood up and edged closer to her, carefully. The Queen glanced at her, and frowned again, this time more noticeably.

Moirai reached out a hand and the Queen stood abruptly, moving away from the girl and towards the window. Moirai lowered her hand and frowned.

"Okay so…" The Queen shook her head, interrupting the girl, and waved her hand at the door, which sprung open. Silver jumped to attention outside and was beckoned in.

"Your Majesty, is everything alright?"

She gestured towards Moirai, and then made a dismissive wave towards the door.

"No, wait!" Moirai cried. "Don't send me away, I promise I won't ask again."

"She clearly doesn't want you here." Silver said, taking the girl by the arm.

Moirai was dragged from the room, leaving the Queen looking out of the window, her face blank once more.

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