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Written by Dethnus on 31 May 2017 02:43.

Silver sat outside of his mistress's room, watching the shadows of the hallway. This was a normal thing for him to do when she decided to sleep - he was expected to get his own rest in his own time. But Silver did not mind this. It was nights he guarded that he didn't need to kill.

A memory came forth, reminding Silver of learning the Arts. His master had been his sister, who was now a Watcher. She had been a strict master, drilling into him every basic before even starting on any advanced techniques. A harsh time for Silver, but also one without death.

Had he only not been Shamed. Silver could have been a warrior for his tribe. He would still kill, but it would have meaning. Each death would have been a life saved instead of just a master satisfied. Maybe he would have even had a family by now.

If only Silver hadn't…

A shadow moved in the long hallway. Silver pretended not to notice, but carefully examined the dark areas that permeated the place. The previous king had set his room secluded with no windows or other exits - except the secret one his mistress had found - at the end of a similarly windowless hallway with no other rooms. It made this a very defensible area in case of attack. It hadn't worked on the Dark Queen, of course, but it was still a good idea.

The steel gauntlets on Silvers forearms clinked as he stood up slowly. The shadows hesitated, wondering if this lowly guard dog of a servant noticed their approach. He had, but instead of attacking, Silver only stretched and sat back down, yawning as he did. It wasn't hard to fake a yawn when you were already tired.

And so the shadows crept closer.

The servant sat back, watching the shadows lazily, as if he was bored and hoping a pretty girl might appear any moment. Sadly, that was not the case. Silver watched the shadows, making out the forms of three figures, all lithe, but one was smaller than the other two. A woman? Or a younger male? Did they not know they signed their death warrant the moment they came into Silver's range?

They moved professionally, as if they were the shadows themselves. From what Silver could tell - his eyes were good, but not all-seeing - they wore dark armor of some sort and carried daggers long enough to be considered short swords, only curved slightly. They were well-trained, too. Their movements proved that. So, what guild did they hail from?

Silver sighed, only partially for the assassins who watched him. The only good to come out of this night will be three less killers in the world.

"Any who attempt to assassinate you are to be killed?" Silver asked his mistress, reading the list of commands he had been given. "Be they vengeful child or woman?"

The Queen's eyes never wavered. She gave him a curt nod and walked off.

No mercy for women. Sorry, nameless girl.

Silver dropped to the side as a small throwing blade sunk into the wood of his chair and rolled into a standing position. The assassins abandoned all stealth, realizing they had been seen beforehand, and charged as one. Their feet were quiet, their movements rhythmic like a beat, and their blades in trained forms. These three were a prime example of the elite in the world of murderers.

Such a pity they had to face Silver.

The first threw two more blades and swung low, aiming for Silver's feet. Metal rang as Silver deflected the blades with his gauntlets and again when he caught the blade and broke it in half with a punch. The assassin didn't falter, however, and ducked backwards as his companions took his place slashing at Silver. One of them, as he suspected, was a girl.

Silver was pushed back for the first time in a long time, before he managed to land a hit on the male assassin, knocking him back. The first assassin took his place with two throwing blades wielded as knives. So, they would cycle to wear out the enemy. Silver barely dodged a throwing knife, catching a cut on his ear. Warm blood began to wet his neck. Pain felt good after so long.

They continued this dance for half a minute, though it felt much longer, before Silver managed to hit one of the male assassin's faces, caving it inward and killing him. The other two didn't falter at their comrades death, though. Such heartlessness! Silver growled under his breath as he dodged another slash from the long daggers, then grabbed the other man. Warm blood covered Silver's hand as it broke through the assassins stomach, thanks to the spikes on his gauntlets.

The last assassin finally wavered, backing away. She seemed actually afraid, unlike the other two. Now that she was alone, that is. But…

"You are an apprentice?" Silver asked, watching the girl's free hand. "You were here to watch and learn, weren't you?"

She stepped back, but nodded.

Silver smiled and walked back to his chair. "You may leave, then," he told her, pulling the blade from his chair and taking a seat. "I would recommend you give up your profession as well. Judging from the symbol on your uniforms, I would guess this is the Lunar Guild assassination corps."

She said nothing, but her body language confirmed it.

"I was ordered to kill any who come to assassinate my mistress," Silver continued, wiping his bloody gauntlets off with a rag he had had under his seat for just that reason. "You were here to learn, so I can let you go." Silver smiled sadly. "But please hurry. She is bound to be awake by now and I don't want to kill you."

The girl, mask covering her face, took a few steps back. "Thank you," she said quietly. Then, she took off silently, leaving her comrades bodies behind.

A few minutes later, Silver's mistress stepped out of her room, a dark robe covering her. She looked over the bodies and looked at her lowly Bonded.

"Assassins from the Lunar Guild. Seems they have agents in more kingdoms than one, mistress."

The Dark Queen looked at the bodies blankly for only a moment before moving past them down the hallway. Silver stood and followed, as was his duty. He only hoped that girl had managed to escape.

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