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Written by LadyStargazer on 28 May 2017 19:24.

It came as a surprise to most when the Queen did not immediately move on from Alatheia. She had swept through four kingdoms in two weeks, like a phantom; unstoppable. So why Alatheia? Why had the Dark Queen stopped?

Her new subjects muttered these questions in broad daylight, afraid of what might lurk in the shadows of night. They had heard tell of a servant of the Queen, a Bonded man, who crept through the shadows to kill all those who opposed her, in swift silence. But they had not seen the Queen since that fateful day when their city had been plunged in to darkness.

Soon, rumours spread that she had been injured; that their brave King must have put up a fight and hurt her, and that was why she had not continued on her journey. Whispers of her impending doom, and what would happen if the intruder died, began to appear.

Silver heard.

He slipped through the castle corridors until he reached the Queen's rooms. He knocked, and waited for a few moments before the door opened of its own accord, and he was allowed inside.

She was standing by the window, staring down at the city. Silver had never quite gotten used to the Queen's odd expressions. She was at once so vacant, so detached from the world and at the same time, her focus on everything around her; her ability to somehow see everything, was beyond anything he had witnessed.

He paused in the centre of the room, waiting for the slightest movement which would mean that she had acknowledged his presence. The Queen continued to stare in to nothingness.

"Your majesty?" Silver spoke hesitantly, softly, not wishing to disturb her thoughts. The Queen did not respond for several moments, and then, slowly, she turned. The wisps of white fleeing from her eyes could have been in Silver's imagination, but he had seen it before in her. Magic.

Black eyes pierced in to his, commanding him to speak, without the Queen uttering a word. Those eyes, Silver thought, could drag the whole world in to their dark depths.

"Your majesty, I have heard the people whispering. They believe you injured, hurt by their King. They believe this is why you stay here, and why they have not seen you since then." Silver paused, wondering if he would get a response. He didn't. "Your majesty… they wonder what will happen when you die… as they suppose you might."

The Queen had lost interest in him, it seemed, for she turned away again. He took this as his cue to leave, and was almost at the door when her voice played out. He had heard it only three times before. A deep rasp; one that would seem at home in the bedroom, but was in fact due to her lack of conversation. Or so he assumed.

"They believe that a man as weak as he… could so much as touch a woman like me? They believe that on my death, since I have no heir, they shall be free?"

"I… I believe so your majesty."

Silver blinked, and suddenly he was confronted with those eyes again. Close, so that if he breathed too heavily he would most likely touch her. She cocked her head to the side slightly, and he felt the cool point of one of the claws she liked to wear trail up his neck. She gripped his chin, hard, and the thumb claw pierced his skin.

"Do you think this could be?" She asked, quietly. He would have almost believed she was… sad. "Do you think I could be this person they describe?"

"No, your majesty." She stared at him for a long moment, and he did not feel a single breath from her in response. Then, she released his chin, and licked the claw clean. A flick of her hand informed him that he was dismissed, and when he paused at the door to look back at her, she had already returned to the window, and her staring, as if he had never disturbed her.

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