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Written by Dethnus on 01 Jun 2017 14:09.

There are always two sides of a kingdom - the side you see and the one you don't. Usually the later took the form of black market trading, like drugs, slaves, and even some highly dangerous magical artifacts. Silver usually paid no mind to any of it. After all, there was no real way to stamp it all out. Just as death, war, and hatred are all eternal, so are the underground kingpins.

But the Queen would not have it in her kingdom. Silver had thought she might have had some good in her at first, but the more he thought about it, the more he was convinced it was simply a desire to keep everything in her control. Maybe he could finally meet his end tonight, not that he expected it. Still, there was hope.

Filth such as Silver deserved death just as much as those who run the black markets.

Silver was following a man named Germus Alloway, a middleman for a large organization that supposedly spanned the entire kingdom. His orders were to gather information and discover just how powerful the organization was - as well as its name, should it have one.

The crowded streets made it all too easy to follow the scrawny man. For some reason, these people still went about their business like nothing had changed despite being taken over in a single night. Granted, there was plenty of talk about the Queen and theories generated as to why she was silent and reclusive, but at least the talks of her weakness had ceased. Had that girl escaped?

German led Silver down a series of alleyways and into a hidden bar called the 'Hornet's Nest.' From the rough looks of the bar and it's hidden locations, it was most likely a den for the less than honorable. The dirty tables were surrounded by the drunken talk of men who looked to be thieves and killers - or worse - and the barmaids looked to offer more than drinks in their spare times.

Silver took a seat at the bar, his tight leathers and eye patch making him look like just another lowlife come to grab a drink. Still, the bartender, a fat man with greasy arms, gave him an odd look.

"What'll it be?" he asked, his voice as deep as his stomach was large.

"Basker's brew," Silver replied, glancing at German as he sat at a table with a large muscular man in padded gear and another man in neat clothing a high class merchant might wear. So, that would be Freed, the Matchless. He was said to be a high class member of the organization.

He was also Silver's contact.

A dark beverage was placed in front of Silver and he took it gladly, drinking a bit and then staring into the glass like a man with a freshly broken heart. If only he had a heart. Maybe then he could break his oaths and free himself. No, even with a heart, there was no breaking the oaths. He was Bonded until he died. Then the Seekers would welcome him in death.

Silver took another drink and focused. The sounds of the bar slowly muted one by one until all that remained was Freed and German. Selective Hearing was something only few were able to truly master. All who trained in the Arts in his clan were masters of it, of course. Anything less was to be weak.

"…all that about?" German's voice.

"Sorry, sorry," said Freed. "Just gotta make sure you aren't carrying anything nasty, you know?"

"Fine. Let's just get this over with." The bodyguard must have searched him, for their voices ceased for a few moments.

"Alright, so what do you have for me, my good man?" Freed was always cheerful, even in Silver's early days of serving the queen. He had infiltrated many organizations for her… for the right price.

"We have a certain package you might be interested in, given your… recent change in power."

"You mean the whole thing with the Dark Queen?" Freed laughed. "Why should I care who rules?"

"You might, considering she destroys the black market of each kingdom she visits."

"Then why us? Why Gordon Works?" The name of the organization was Gordon Works? And odd name. Good work Freed.

"Don't think you should be so loud, but… you guys have the best rep. You want it or not?"

"Well, considering we control over three quarters of this city's underground, I can't see you having a choice, am I right?"

"You really wanna spill all that out here?"

Freed laughed. "These guys are all mine."

There was a moment of pause. "Oh…"

"Now, what's the package?"

"Anti-magic powder."

Silver took another drink, his hope falling at once. Anti-magic power was a sham. It didn't exist. Only magic could counter magic, and there were no known magic-users as powerful as the Queen. Freed knew this as much as Silver did.

"Now you got me interested." Freed would use this in some way that Silver didn't care to know. This exchange was over. He and the queen would sort out the rest. And to think, all these weeks of scouting around came to this short conversation.

Silver and Freed met eyes, acknowledging each others existence, then Silver finished his drink and walked out. Soon, there would be a need to kill.

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