Fight - Part 1

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Written by Dethnus on 13 Jun 2017 04:22.

The motorcycle ride was very easy to describe for me: intense.

I had never rode one before and I found that I preferred flying around with my
powers, but only because I could control where I went. Riding with Kieran, though…
The sheer speed we achieved was made faster by being so close to the ground and
the swerving between traffic gave me a feeling of what true flying was like. Even
though I clung to Kieran tightly as we sped on, a smile forming on my lips.

This was both fun and terrifying.

We made it to Pearl Kitchen in no time at all, parking in a motorcycle parking space.

We were lucky they had one. The place looked crowded, cars lining the parking lot.
It wasn't even that big of a restaurant… Just an obviously older one that had been
well taken care of.

Kieran shut off the bike and ran a hand through his windblown hair. If I hadn't been
still recovering from the ride, I might have noted how good it looked. "This the place
you had in mind?"

I slowly unwrapped my arms around him and got off the bike. My legs protested,
but I ignored them. "Yeah,"I said, noting how Kieran was rubbing his stomach. Was
he bruised or something there? "The paradise of poor college kids, Pearl Kitchen."

He gave a cocky smile, making me realize I still had a stupid grin on my own face,
and turned to the restaurant. "Yeah, I figured. Barely edible food and an impossibly
slow wait staff."

I fixed my face after some serious trying and followed him in. "Hey, they aren't that

Kieran wasn't listening. He had already opened the door and was now talking to the
hostess. "Table for two."

The woman was nice enough from what I heard, but I stopped paying attention. I
was regretting this. Sure, the motorcycle was… well, an experience, but Kieran's
attitude was much worse than I initially thought. He seemed full of himself to the
point that he saw himself above others. I hoped I could power through and at least
make him a sort-of friend.

He walked over to me after a moment. "They'll have a table ready soon."

"Guess we wait then." I looked around and noticed a single empty seat in the waiting
area. I took it without a moment hesitation, though only partially because my coldinduced
body was hating the alternative. I also did it to get back at Kieran in my own
small way. Enjoy standing for ten minutes, jerk.

Kieran walked over to me and leaned against the wall, careful not to bump into
anyone. Probably didn't want his clothes messed up or something. "It will probably
be a while. We could go someplace else, somewhere you can actually enjoy your

I cross my arms, getting more annoyed. Couldn't he just leave it alone? "Got a place
in mind? And the money to pay?" I left off the 'cause I really don't have the money to
afford anything else' part.

"I know a few spots," he said, a glint in his eye. "As for the money… Well, you don't
need to worry about it." So, he was probably a rich kid. Probably would explain the
cocky attitude.

"Well, if you're paying," I said, standing up. "Lead the way. Or… Drive us there, I
guess." Didn't really know if I wanted to get back on there right now.

Kieran laughed and sat down in the seat that had opened up beside mine, pulling me
down with him, though gently. I swear to… No, don't ruin this by punching him. You
are in public, Liz. Act like an adult. "No, we'll stay here. We'll cover my choices
another time."

I had to think of the rent money Kieran was bringing in to calm down some. I wasn't
over the top yet, but I did not like being told what to do. Maybe it was the after
effects of being Gravity Girl?

"Good," I said, clearing my head. "I'm not looking forward to riding that thing again."

Kieran chuckled and gave me a knowing look that said he knew I was lying. Little
did he know, I wasn't. I did want to drive it, though.

"You sure look smug, Ran."

Kieran's smile vanished in an instant. "Excuse me?" His voice did not sound amused,
to my enjoyment. Score for me! I would have to bother him with nicknames later on
if he got too bad.

"Nothing, nothing," I defended. "When are they going to seat us?"

"About ten minutes, they said." He still did not look pleased. Only question I had
was should I go with Ran or Kie in the future.

"Guess it's because so many students are coming in for the semester."

"You'd think they would be able to compensate," Kieran said. "Oh, there's the

The blonde waitress led us to a nice table next to the window and set off somewhat
away from the other people. At least no one would be able to accidentally hear
anything we said, not that I intended to hide anything from anyone.

"Guess it's not all bad," I said. "We got a nice seat."

"If you insist," he replied flatly.

The waitress gave us menus and left, leaving me alone again with Kieran. Better than
the motorcycle, at least. Now, let's see if I can make this annoying guy a friend.

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