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Written by Jsimmons17 on 31 Dec 2018 14:23.

Science classes were all held in the Superior building. Since this was my third year attending classes in that building, you'd think they wouldn't bother handing me a map, but still, there it was behind my list of new classes. Students milled around on the steps, and the Greco-roman facade was the same as ever.

The first class, Organic Chem, was taught by a tiny old man in a tweed suit, with wispy white hair and thick glasses that made his watery eyes look huge.
"My name is Professor Charfur," he began. "Welcome to Organic Chemestry. First, the syllabus," he shakily pulled out a stack of papers, which he handed out individually, painfully slowly. I put my head down, and tried not to call attention to myself as I sketched out another idea for a machine. Something that could reverse the effects of my enhancer. As Charfur got to my table, I swept the sketch beneath a folder, but the man peered at me through his glasses. "Mr. Jacobs," he wheezed. "Where is your partner?"
I glanced at the seat at the table beside me, empty, and gave a one-shouldered shrug. "I dont have one," I replied.
Charfur blinked at me, then moved on to the next table, passing out more papers. I set the syllabus aside without reading it, and continued my sketch, doing equations and trying to figure out how to dampen the effects of gravity girl's powers.
If I knew where she was, I could find out where the machine was hidden, then reverse its effects. Gravity Girl would be powerless, and I'd be able to destroy the machine and dump Gravity Girl at the police station before she caused any disaster.

“…Now that everyone has a syllabus, let us go over it point by point,” Mr. Charfur was saying. “I have a strict attendance policy. Only three…” blah blah blah.

An hour later, I stumbled out of class an directly into Jeff.
“Dang, dude. You look horrible!” He practically shouted across the hallway. “Is it Liz? Is she secretly roughing you up? Dude!” He raised his hand for a fist bump, which I ignored, brushing past him, toward my next class. Jeff shrugged it off and wandered away, calling to other people as he went.
I watched him for a moment, and was surprised to find myself just the tiniest bit jealous at his easy camaraderie with everyone around him.
Then someone had grabbed my shoulder and shoved me against the wall, reminding me why I refused to associate with anybody.
“Kieran Jacobs,” said a burly, blond, football scholarship type, bunching up my sweatshirt collar in his fist. “I hear you’ve shacked up with my girlfriend.”
I looked over this guy systematically. I had a few inches on him, but he was much broader. He was clearly trying to intimidate me, and his grip on my collar was firm.
“Funny,” I choked out finally, “she never mentioned you.” He retaliated by slamming his fist into the wall beside my head. It made a loud noise, but the wall was undamaged. This kid was bluffing.
“If you ever lay a hand on her, I swear, I’ll kick your—”
That was enough. Grabbing his wrist, I pressed on the nerves there to make him let go of my collar, then twisted his arm until his back was to me, the arm forced nearly out of his socket so he whimpered in pain. I leaned in close, to speak in his ear.
“Threaten me again, and it’s not Liz Lumin’s skin you’ll have to worry about.” I released his arm and he staggered forward, into the crowd that had formed, expecting a fight. He was helped to his feet by several cronies, all heavily muscled for college thugs.
“Why don’t we take this outside,” the brute snarled.
I tapped my chin, pretending to think about it. “I see why Liz likes you,” I said eventually. “You’re both so stubborn. Alright, outside.”
There was a cheer, and the crowd pushed through the doors with the cronies in the lead. I pulled my hood up, ducked down to look shorter, and headed directly to my next class.

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