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Written by Dethnus on 06 Nov 2017 20:14.

“They said you’re the best.”
The man in front of me looked up from his desk. He was an older man with a bit of weight on his frame and a balding head, but would probably still be considered attractive by a drunk enough chick. Around him was pages upon pages of art that looked to be nearly pictures instead of drawings, accenting his small tattoo shop with what was probably considered genius in the art world. He certainly seemed to be the Artist.
“You here for a portrait or a tattoo?” the Artist said. I glanced at his name plaque on his desk. Jonathan Green. “Cause I don’t come cheap.”
I put a notebook on his desk. “I want all of these spread over my body. I’ve got the placements and measurements already written and I can pay.” I just hoped I didn’t have to pay too much…
Jonathan looked through the book, eying each page in turn. It took him quite some time to look through everything, but when he finished it seemed like he understood. “So, you’re Blade, huh?”
“Just call me Leo. I take it you really are the Artist, too.” I nodded to the book. “Can you do it?”
The artist smiled. “When it comes to drawing, I can do anything. It’s my Obsession. I mean that in both ways.” He stood up and gave me a clipboard and pen. “Just sign up and I’ll get you in next week.”
“How much is it going to cost?” I asked, not bothering to sign my name yet.
“Show me Caladbolg and I’ll make it ten grand.”
Ouch. Expensive, but doable. “Alright, though at this rate the sword is going to be more popular than I am.”
“Well, you seem to prefer it.”
I sighed. “Dammit, but I do.” I opened the journal to the page with Caladbolg. The sickly sword was from a game I had once played before my powers developed. The blade was similar to a stretched bat wing and the handle akin to melded bones. Added with the horns that circled the handguard and it made for a pretty distinct blade.
The page rippled and the blade disappeared, reappearing in the air above me, only six feet long now. I let it float down and halt in front of the Artist. It had been an odd sensation to have a blade out before, but now they were almost extensions of my own body. I just needed a more reliable method of pulling them out besides carrying a journal everywhere. I had lost the damn thing once or twice and had to draw another one just to get home. So, why not just make them permanently attached to my body?
Jonathan smiled widely and grabbed the handle of the blade. “It really is light as a feather…” He swung the massive blade a few times and laughed. “Alright, I’m feeling inspired. Mind keeping them out when I mark you up. ‘Leo’?”
I smiled at the man. “Not at all.”

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