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Written by Dethnus on 13 Sep 2017 21:57.

Kieran never came back that night.
Part of me was actually worried. A very, VERY small part, though. He had probably
just bunked with a friend to get away from me. Not that I cared. It was just nice to
know where he was so I could know if I should expect him barging in at the earliest
hours of the morning.
But, no. According to Kate, he was a grade A student who was rarely late. If he had
stayed with a friend, I would see him tomorrow after school. Guys with good
attendance usually had good sleep schedules. Usually.
I sighed and laid back in my bed, watching the last of the sun retreat behind the
many tall buildings of Sky City. Machinas was locked up, somewhere out there.
Would he break free? That power of his might be a device after all. I scooped up the
device I had taken from underneath my bed. Really needed a better place to keep it…
"Is this how he does it?" I asked myself, contemplating turning it on to see. Of course,
I rejected the idea. I was in pajamas, not my suit. Cold temperature was not my
friend right now. Machinas had probably made me hate the winters from now on, to
be honest.
So, I put the device away and started to ready myself for bed. It had been an eventful
day. Took down Machinas, - score one for Gravity Girl! - managed to hang out with
Kate and Jenna some more, then hit the movies with Hannah and Bridget. Sadly, I
had to cut out dinner with Lindsey and Kate. Using my powers for fighting
Machinas meant the next few days were going to be filled with naps and long nights
of sleep.
I settled in, thinking about my father for some strange reason, and quickly fell asleep.
My dreams were of me in a cage, my father holding the key. He wasn't mad or
laughing in a sick way, like most captors, though. He looked sad, like he regretted
locking me up.
The dream faded with the sound of my alarm clock going off.

I drug myself to class, feeling the effects of my power's backlash fully. A cup of
coffee hadn't helped much, but it let me get to the Superior Building where my first
major class was. Thankfully, my head wasn't too tired to remember my notes from
studying. Could probably sleep, if I had a careless teacher. God, I hoped I had Mr.
Green again.
"Liz!" A voice I dreaded hearing said.
I kept walking, not turning to see the party boy running up to me. "Hey," Jeff said, "I
heard you let Kieran room with ya."
"God… Does everyone know now?"
"Pretty much."
I groaned. Rhetorical question, Jeff. You couldn't keep your mouth shut if both lips
were stitched together. Why the first day of school?
"What do you really want?" I asked him, keeping my calm and not looking at him. "I
told you I'm not going to any parties."
Jeff laughed. Take away his party-boy, girl-scoring, alcohol filled part, and he might
actually be a cool guy. "Nah, I gave up on you after the last time. Plus, last weeks
party wiped my supply." He sped up to keep up with my pace. Classroom was just
down this hallway, Liz. So close. "I'm just headed this way for class." In the science
Oh. Right. Jeff was actually smart. Kept forgetting that. "Didn't know physics was
your major."
"Nah, girl. I'm in the class next to yours," he said with a relaxed tone. "I figured an
organic chemistry class might be fun. Seeya!"
I gave him a fake smile, noting he actually had a clean hoodie on today, and went
into my class. Luckily, I was among the last to come in without being late. The bell
rang just as I took a seat along the back row. I didn't recognize many in this class, but
I did see Chad, - my unruly ex - Hannah, and John.
I pointedly ignored Chad, lest he start up the whole awkward conversation once
again, and moved to sit behind Hannah. John was next to her.
"Liz! Glad to see we got the same class again," Hannah all but chimed. With a near
perfect body, long and wavy golden hair, and the common sense of a toothpick, Hannah was the physical embodiment of all the words 'ditzy blonde.' She had
booksmarts, though.
"Yeah, we can group up again." John said with his usual laid back smile. John was the
exact opposite of Hannah. He was chubby in all the wrong ways, had short dark hair
that looked like it was allergic to brushing, and could probably beat everyone at
school in a game of chess. But, he was fun to hang out with.
We, along with Kate, had had a lot of fun the year before in class, grouping up and
setting things on fire - totally not my fault. It was actually uplifting to know I have
two good friends in this class, though Chad - big, smart, and arrogant enough to
make Kieran look somewhat better - was definitely a damper on things.
Roll with it.
The professor walked in, notebooks in his arms, and sat down at his desk up front. I
didn't recognize the man, but he had that look of a man who hated wasting time. "
My name is Fredric Den. I hate wasting time," he said - woah, right on the head, huh?
- "So, lets get on with roll call."
"This is going to be an interesting year," I said.
John gave me an amused smile. "Just gotta survive."
Hannah turned back and nodded. "I wonder if he is going to be nice or not, though."
Me and John gave her a blank look and nearly laughed at her confused reaction. I
looked out of the window, watching the sun rise over Sky City. Superior had an
excellent view of the place. Another year, huh? I should be excited, but why is it all I
could think about was Kieran's whereabouts. I didn't like him, but I didn't want
anything bad to happen to him.
"Liz Lumin?"
"Here," I replied. Focus. Physics time.

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