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Written by Dethnus on 05 Jul 2017 21:58.

I just stared at the food after Kieran left to his room. Despite everything - my
seething anger at him, and at myself for giving in and getting upset, and my nose for
being the last remaining symptom of my cold still hanging on! - I wanted to rush
over and eat what had to be the first steak I had been offered in a long time.
However… I couldn't give in. Not even to this. If that jerk thought I saw going to be a
meek girl who bowed to his every whim, he had another thing coming.
I dressed in my loose jeans and plain long sleeve shirt, my Gravity girl costume
underneath. The hooded cloak, mask, and gloves I put in my smaller backpack along
with some other clothes to hide them. Then, I locked my door and left, ignoring the
food and it's deliciously powerful scent saturating the apartment air.
But, once I got to the door, I stopped. No matter how bad Kieran was… I just couldn't
let the food waste. My dad had pounded that into my head. I wasn't going to give in,
though. So, I put the food in some containers my mom had sent me the month before
and put them in the fridge. I did the same for the dessert I found in the oven, secretly
taking a bite. Why did he have to be a good cook? It would make this so much easier
if his cooking was as terrible as his attitude.
And then I left. I had more important things to do tonight than worry about what
some jerk had said. Plus, I was worried about the phone call I got just a little while
So, I hightailed it to one of my secret spots and changed into Gravity Girl, hiding my
backpack in a hollow tree. No cameras, no people, no worries. Soon I was flying
through the sky into the city, the buildings illuminated with the last bit of sunlight
the sunset had to offer. Stupid Kieran! I had wasted most of my day stuck in my
room trying to relax and calm down.
Thank God my cold was essentially gone. I sniffed. Almost gone.
Flying, or falling along the ground, quickly made me forget about anything else.
While I liked riding that motorcycle, it just wasn't the same. Air rushed past me and
flashes along the ground announced cameras going off. I would have been lying if I
said I didn't like the attention.
Soon, I saw the hospital building approach in the distance. George was in there on
the… fourth floor? Yeah, left wing, too. I checked my phone - which was attached to
my wrist - and saw it was 6:37. Six hours wasted. At least I got a nap in. My powers
should be fine now. Usually after a fight with Machinas, I just needed to spend a few
days sleeping as much as possible and I was back to normal. Flying around didn't
effect me as much, thankfully.
I landed on the side of South Sky Hospital hard, my powers dispersing any force that
would have shattered the glass I was now standing on. Inside the window, I saw a
kid sleeping, his mother beside him. No witnesses, at least. Paparazzi were most
likely on the way to the south side of Sky City after me, but I needed some time
before they overran me.
It only took me a bit to find where they were keeping George. I knocked on his
window and waited for him to look over. He wasn't exactly the best looking guy, but
he wasn't bad, either. He kept his blond hair short and had a five o'clock shadow, but
the hospital gown ruined the look. His arm was in a sling, too.
He looked around and then walked over to open the window and admit me in. I fell
in and released my powers, landing on the floor on two feet. Doing that had taken a
lot of practice. Not that falling on my back hurt, but… Well, it didn't look good if a
superhero did that.
"I take it you heard about this?" George said, closing the window and raising his
injured arm slightly. "It was just a little flesh wound. No need to worry about me
little ol' me." He gave a goofy grin and I couldn't help but be relieved.
"How did you even get shot?" I asked him. "Emily never mentioned how, just that
she was worried because you had been." His wife always had been overly protective.
Especially with the amount of armed criminals in Sky City. It had calmed down
thanks to me, but it wasn't near a paradise yet. Never would be, probably.
"Scouting out Tony's guys. They noticed me and thought I was from another gang. I
didn't pull out my badge, though. Didn't want to let them know we knew." He
smiled and laid back down. I just stood there. I had an image to protect. Plus, I was
ready to go flying around again before it was nine. "They clipped me, but I was
wearing a wig, so they don't know it was me."
So, that would explain why I wasn't notified by the Chief. I shook my head. "You get
way too gung-ho, George. This is why you need a desk job."
"Yeah, yeah. You want to hear what I know or not?"
I nodded. "Of course."
"Seems like Tony has gotten a hold of something." George gave her a look. "One of
his boys stole some tech from the ruins of Machinas' place. He's got people with
skills, Grav, so they might be able to get it working."
"And? Machinas is dangerous because of his powers and abilities, not only his tech."
George sighed. "I know, I know. It's just that I think this could be an issue if they got
something dangerous that will give them an edge on the other gangs. It's hard
enough to deal with them when they are fighting each other. Can you imagine if
Tony owns all of Sky City's underground?"
It was definitely something to worry about. "I'll keep an eye out. Hopefully Machinas
does the same. He's not the type who likes others to play with his toys." I sniffed and
took a tissue that George offered me wordlessly. He knew I wasn't invincible from
sickness. We had been working together since-
"You remember when we met?"
I blinked from under my mask and hood. "Yeah, you were very…"
"I was young and didn't know how to stop," George finished. "I wanted to meet the
girl who was saving the city, one situation at a time."
"I'm only a little bit younger than you, George," I said, "You're making me feel old
with all this old man reminiscing stuff."
"I know," he laughed. This man had been shot and now he was treating it all like it
was just an opportunity to relax and talk. "But, I managed to get your attention and
now we are partners."
"After I left you on a skyscraper," I added. "Twice."
"The ride was fun, though!" George grinned, but then his face went serious. "I'm glad
Emily called you, though. I'm out of the group going to control the gang situation, so
I'll be in here for a bit. I was just hoping you could rethink the Chief's offer-"
"-or at least let me give him your number to contact him."
I thought about it. I definitely wasn't going to be part of the police force and have my
identity given out to the higher officials, but just the number…
"Fine, but he can't request my help on minor situations." I hated saying it, but I
couldn't be everywhere. The bank robbery I might have been able to stop where
police couldn't react in time. Others, like hostage situations and gang activity, I
couldn't do all the time or I would just make it worse.
George smiled. "We wouldn't ask you to do our jobs. At least, not the ones we can
At that moment, the door opened, admitting a lovely woman with red hair and a
little girl with blonde hair the same shade as her father's.
Emily gave me a smile and a nod. I don't think she saw me as a young woman like
her. Otherwise, she might not like all this talk between me and George. I almost
laughed at that impossible ship.
Lily ran over and gave my leg a hug.
After a few minutes of letting Lily play in zero gravity, I bid them farewell and
started the fall back to my changing spot. I had plenty to think about as far as being
Gravity Girl went, but for now I just wanted to enjoy my night and ignore my
snobby roommate. Might as well get a bite to eat beforehand.
No way I'm giving Kieran what he wants now. He had set that bridge on fire.

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