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Written by Dethnus on 01 Jun 2017 14:10.

The door to my apartment woke me up. I jumped up from my bed and started to rush whoever it was, but stopped myself. Oh yeah, new roommate. New MALE roommate. I made sure my door was locked and cleared my books off my bed from where I had continued to study. I better ace every single test this semester or I'm going to be mad.

"What time is it, anyway?" I checked my alarm clock. From behind the empty water bottles and lotion bottles I made out roughly seven something. Oh, seven forty seven. Like the plane.

I flipped on the tv and went to get ready for bed. I had to get up early for exercise, though Machinas had ruined any chance of going out as Gravity Girl. Damn, my body ached. And my cold STILL hadn't gone away. After fighting that bastard for over a year straight, my body had gotten used to his odd temperature control device or whatever he used, but apparently not enough.

"Man…" I said while brushing my teeth in my small bathroom. "I wanna go flying." It was literally the best part of my day. Flying around the city in my costume. Though… it wasn't really flying so much as falling in a certain direction. Semantics.

My phone buzzed from my pocket. I rinsed my mouth out quickly and answered my friend Kate. "Hey, what's up?"

"Just making sure you're still up for tomorrow morning," she said over the line, her voice monotone as usual. Good thing she was a biology major. If she had any speaking job, her audience would need pillows.

"Yeah, sorry I blew you off yesterday, though." Not that Kate was the only one I blew off. I smiled a little at the memory of Machinas' lab exploding. Hopefully the police had caught him. I should have taken him straight to the PD, but… he had done a number on me. My powers didn't work well under pressure.

"It's okay," she said. "Oh, and apparently there was a bank robbery near you." Bank robbery? The heck? I ran into my bedroom and started flipping channels as Kate went on. "Anyway, I'll meet you at the Gravity Metro Park in the morning at six."

"Yeah." Something about six. Now, where was the… Ah! News! "Seeya in the morning, Kate. Night."

"Night, Liz."

I hung up the phone and watched the news go on about some scandal with the governor in another state before continuing on to the robbery. Some guy in biker gear had robbed the bank in less than a few minutes and made out with fifty thousand or so. But, what concerned me was his weapon. It was too high tech. Machinas.

Trying to get money to build another lab? Dammit! And I had been napping? I checked my phone to see if I had any missed calls from George. None. I was going to yell at him later for not letting my know immediately, but for now I needed sleep.

It took almost an hour to get there, due to my own anger at Machinas and discomfort at Kieran's presence - also, I couldn't shake the feeling Kieran was looking at his door and thinking about me - but sleep came. Dreamless as usual.


I moaned as the alarm clock rang out. Five o clock already? Eight hours of sleep was something at least. Note to self, when I meet God, tell him not to make those he gives physics defying gravitational power have to sleep for ten hours a day.

Begrudgingly, I got up and dressed in my jogging clothes. I tried to leave the apartment silently, as to not wake my roommate, who still gave me the creeps by just being there, but failed after hitting the table.

"Oh?" I noticed the roll of money sitting there. Rent money? And some left over… Maybe he was rich or something?

After putting the money away in an envelope in my room, I left the apartment and jogged to the metro park named after my alternate identity. Only needed to save some company executive from his burning house to get that done. Still felt weird.

Kate was waiting patiently on a bench, scrolling through her phone. Her clothes matched my own and her ebony hair was tied back. Probably should have tied my own hair up, but oh well. Too much work to go back now.


My friend looked up and gave me a slight smile. "Bout time. You ready?"

"No, I'm sleepy and I think I've still got a cold." Plus, I was still annoyed at yesterdays bank robbery.

"Well, get over it," Kate ordered. "Let's go!" The slightly taller girl led the way through the trail in the metro park.

The morning air was cool and the sun wasn't even peeking over the horizon yet, making it feel really good on my skin. Kate knew how fast I liked to go, too, so I could think without worrying about maintaining my speed.

I wanted to think about Machinas and where he might be. It had been hell to track him back to his lab two days ago. How hard would it be this time? The man was smart enough to make him a pain in my back. Both literally and metaphorically. After I healed up, I planned to call George to see about any information. The detective owed me for showing up for his daughters birthday party. Even wore my costume! Well, he did pay me…

Change thoughts! "Kate!" I called. "You know of a guy named Kieran Jacobs?"

My friend looked back and gave me an odd look. "Tall, dark, and handsome?" God, this girl really was my best friend.


"He has a class with me," she said, slowing down slightly to run beside me. "Never really paid him any mind, though. Sure, he's got some looks, but it's nothing special."

And there she goes ruining my spike of respect for her. "I don't care about his looks though," I explained. "I want to know what kind of person he is."

Kate cocked an eyebrow. "Interested in him?"

"Hell no." I didn't even want to entertain that idea. "He's sort of my roommate."

Kate stopped, forcing me to do the same. "You roomed with a guy?"

"Not much choice. Needed the money."

"You know this is going to start rumors, right?"

I nodded. "Yeah, yeah. Personality?"

Kate crossed her arms over her stomach. "He seems alright. Sort of disinterested in class, though. Gets good grades though. It's only a basic general chemistry class, though. Nothing hard."

Well, that's better than nothing.

"Oh, he drives a cool motorcycle."

It was my turn to raise an eyebrow. "A motorcycle?"

"Yeah, Corin said Kieran was a grease monkey, too."

So, drives a motorcycle and works on cars and stuff. Not much to go on, but it was better than party-boy. "So, you think I'm fine?"

Kate walked over and put her arm around me. "Well, even if he turns out to be bad, just let me know. I'm a pretty good shot." She smiled.

"Where would you even get a gun?" I asked, laughing a little.

Kate winked. "Who said gun?"

Laughing, we finished our jog and I managed to return home after a little over an hour and a half. If school was in, I would have half an hour to shower and get to class. Not much time, but manageable.

Before going to shower, I glanced at Kieran's door. How many last minute rules could I annoy him with? This might be fun.

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