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"Who is this?"
Silver stared at a man in ragged clothing sat in a chair before him. He was sipping a
glass of water the guards who brought him had given him. He was covered in filth
and made Silver see himself from a long time ago in the wretch. Of course, Silver's
lack of… release… had made him not care so much as of late. Not to mention he had
orders for those who entered the castle now.
"A man from the neighboring kingdom of Raas, Sir Silver."
"I'm no knight," Silver said bluntly. "Go get General Vakkar. He should know
anything this man can give." The ragged man gave Silver a look of concern. "You do
have useful information, correct?"
Playing the part of an interrogator was always hard for Silver.
"Y-yes…" His voice was hoarse and he coughed twice. Blood. He had Consumption?
He would need some Goldspire Elixer before long, lest he die. Silver made sure to
keep his distance.
"Tell me how you came to be here."
The man began his tale with the conditions of his kingdom. The events listed to
Silver were such that he felt the Queen was an angel in comparison. Unwarranted
persecution and mass starvation was rampant in Raas, apparently. The man's name
was Horace and he had barely managed to escape by digging under the outer wall
and ran until he came across a merchant. The merchant had brought him here, where
Horace approached the guards.
However, Horace had not been aware of the Dark Queen taking the kingdom. Silver
could understand the feeling of disappointment well. All too well indeed. He stared
at his arms and resisted the urge to scratch them easily, though with a heavy feeling
of loss.
The captain arrived shortly after Horace had finished his story and demanded that it
be repeated so that he may hear it in full. After the man had finished for a second
time, he was sent to the infirmary to be given treatment, as per the general's orders.
"What do you think?" Vakkar asked Silver once they were alone in the audience
"I am but a servant. My opinion is invalid."
"I would hear it still." Insistent, huh?
Silver rubbed his arm and sighed. "The Queen would most likely use the situation to
er advantage. The chaos cause by this new king of Raas is surely weakening their
military might, making them unprepared to fully defend against our forces. Besides,
there are some merchants that say some of the other kingdoms don't believe our
Queen is a threat or even real. We should inform her majesty at once."
General Vakkar nodded. "My thought's exactly. She would-"
The large man's voice cut off as the side door to the audience room slammed open
with supernatural forces, nearly ripping the door off it's hinges. Silver bowed
immediately, but the General stood staring in shock. Of course. He had not seen so
much magic used in such an open way. The Queen was powerful, though.
And she was also angry.
He body was seeped in almost solid shadows and her face was twisted with rage.
Silver wondered why she was so angry, but quickly ignored the curiosity. It was not
the servants place to ask questions that did not pertain to orders.
The queen halted in front of them, but her power was lashing wildly, grabbing vases
and the like and throwing them around. She didn't seem to even acknowledge what
she did. A few soldiers came in to see what was going on, but quickly fled after
almost being hit with flying decorative vases. General Vakkar even excused himself
and left once he realized the Queen was staring at Silver.
Silver knew with a glance. She had been listening somehow and she didn't like what
was going on. He could almost read her mind it seemed, or… Was she feeding him
the thoughts with magic? The idea made him almost shudder.
"You want to take the kingdom of Raas, your majesty?"
She glared at him, confirming his statement.
"Is there anything else you-"
Silver rushed out of the room, his feet carrying him faster than he intended. Blood
would soon fall.

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