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Written by Dethnus on 15 Jun 2017 12:13.

the days that passed after the fall of Raas, the dark army had managed to set up
the massive city with a temporary council made of former soldiers and start the
rebuilding process. The Queen stayed to oversee this, though made it clear through
others her intentions to use Raas to fuel her conquest further. The people of Raas
began to see her as less of a savior and more of a conqueror the more time went on.
Silver had resigned himself to watching the small girl who persistently followed her
apparent savior around like… well, like Silver did. Had the Watchers sent another
Bonded to this place? No, she was far too young to be even a normal Bonded. She
did not have the scars from the Elders either. No, she was just a foolish girl.
A foolish, innocent girl.
Though, oddly enough, the Queen had essentially blocked out her existence. The girl
did not seem to mind, however, and was even taken care of by that handmaid of the
Queens. Her appearance had taken a drastic turn for the better after Adriana was
done with her. Clean hair, new clothes, and she was starting to gain much needed
"She won't notice you, you know?" General Vakkar once told the girl. He was
answered with a flat stare and then being ignored.
Silver wanted to rip the girl away from the Queen and send her to a good family, but
what right did he have now? The Queen had saved an entire city from a mad tyrant,
albeit for her own benefits, and even saved those suffering. Regardless of the intent,
she was doing good. And all Silver could do was continue being a blade that cut
down dirty and clean blood alike.
He wanted to die.
Silver eyed the girl who now stared at him. The Queen had retired to her room and
had left strict orders for none to enter, leaving Silver outside her temporary quarters
in Raas castle with the girl.
"Girl." He had not been ordered to talk any specific way, so he threw manners away.
"You are free to leave, now. It's not like you're wanted here."
The girl just stared at him, looking at his face intently. After a long moment of
silence, she spoke. "You have strong magic in you, twisted to chain."
Silver smiled. Well, this explained a good bit. "It is the Bonding. Do you know of it?"
The girl shook her head and sat down, looking expectant. Silver sighed. He was a
trained assassin meant to be a stain on the world. This girl should run before she
become tainted. But, no… Maybe she was already tainted.
Anyway, a story couldn't hurt.
"Far in the North, away from all of the Kingdoms, there is a tribe of mountain-fold
called the Mehrals. Each and every one of them is born with a gift of magic, which is
locked away at birth. You see, one must earn their place in the Mehrals tribe. Those
who succeed become craftsmen, leaders, killers, or hunters."
The girl seemed interested, so Silver continued.
"I broke a Truth laid forth by the Elders for a foolish love, so the Watchers took my
innate magic and twisted it over and over again until… it formed a ring." Silver
glanced at the door separating his master from him. "She has that ring. It is a symbol
of our slaves, given to travelers to show our shame. Our only commands are to live,
to serve, and to never disobey a Watcher. If she ordered me to kill you…"
Silver's face went blank and he stood, ready to serve. The door to the Queen's
chamber opened and she walked out, wearing darkness like a cloak once more. For a
moment, their eyes met and Silver knew the Queen had heard. Her look reminded
him of something important, though.
His past was dead. He was filth only useful enough to serve. Whether his actions
bring good or evil, he was a slave.

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