Silver: Trap

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Written by Dethnus on 01 Aug 2017 23:06.

Silver walked back to his post after sending the girl with some guards, giving them instructions to lock her in the room she had been given until the morning. He had tried to find the woman Adriana to deal with the girl, but to no avail. It struck him as odd, though, that she would be unavailable. The woman was always a call away from her queen, ever the faithful servant like Silver himself. Yet, why did she follow the Queen when even Silver wouldn’t without being Bound.

He shook his head. This was a thought with no answers he wanted. His was a life of blood and filth, not one of questions and answers. He was a tool to be used. He should keep to the part… Until the day he finally died.

Silver looked at his arms, longing to cut them, and noticed movement in his peripheral vision. He kept walking without reacting, but focused on the darkness of the large hallway he was passing by. Two… no, three figures stood waiting for him to pass. One held something in their arms. Had it not been for the excessive training, Silver wouldn’t have even noticed the black-garbed fools.

When a regular man saw shadows in an alleyway, he investigated or at least turned his head. This was a foolish move, however, as it will alert whoever – if someone is hiding – is there to your attention. It makes them panic, even if only slightly, and therefor be more likely to be dangerous. Silver was not afraid of the threat, but he knew better than to risk himself without reason. It went against the will of the watchers and his current mistress.

Silver passed the hallway without even glancing down the hallway, putting on an act of being the preoccupied servant. Not that it was a complete act, of course. As soon as he passed, Silver moved behind a large vase – one of the few that had survived the pillaging of the castle many weeks prior – and hid his presence. He waited for some time before he heard the faint shuffling of the intruders. They were professionals, judging by the time they had waited. Just not better than Silver. Pity, they could have killed him…

There were three in thick leather armor as black as night, their faces hidden by masks of black feathers. The Crows? They were quite expensive, but notorious in the city. Silver had passed them off due to their main income coming from thievery. The Queen was more intent on establishing her rule than dealing with petty crimes.

What really stood out was the large sack tossed over one of the bigger Crow’s shoulder. It was easily a body, and – from the slight movements – a live one. But who…. Silver noticed familiar shoes sticking out from the end of the black fabric. He had committed many things about everyone around the queen to memory, including what they frequently wore.

Silver followed after the members of Crow as they left, deciding his mistress would want Adriana safe and sound. It also helped that he hadn’t been given any orders after sending the girl off… He wasn't technically breaking any of his Oaths.

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