Silver: Trap (Continued)

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Written by Dethnus on 12 Aug 2017 18:42.

The Crows led Silver through the castle courtyard and out into the nearby woods. He would have ascended upon them and killed them all without letting Adriana come to harm far earlier, but the Crow carrying the woman made sure to keep a blade near where her throat was most likely located. This meant they likely knew Silver was a possible threat – or that the Queen was. Which meant they knew Adriana held value… somehow.
Then again, it wasn’t hard to narrow that much down, seeing as the servant had been with the queen longer than even Silver.
Silver moved through the brush carefully, watching as the Crows moved faster, abandoning their earlier stealth. Something seemed off, though Silver couldn’t place it. They were headed towards Alatheia, which was under the Queen’s control already. Were they meeting their employer? Perhaps Silver would be of use to the queen this day after all.
Why did he follow these men in the first place? Had he not, he would not have been breaking any of his Oaths. The Queen would have likely found out about Adriana’s kidnapping one way or another and dealt with it herself. Assuming they didn’t just kill the woman, which Silver might have been blamed for. The Queen might have even killed him for allowing these men to take Adriana. A chance for the filth known as Silver to be wiped from existence and he had wasted it. And for what? A woman who likely had committed atrocities under the command of the queen anyway?
No, this wouldn’t help cleanse Silver, nor would it give him his long desired Eternal Sleep. So why?
The man holding Adriana dropped something – a piece of paper by the looks. Silver waited for them to move further before investigating. His innate sense of danger was calling, but he saw no threats outside of the crows. The animals in the forest were quiet, yet apparent, leading Silver to conclude none stalked the shadows. What could be out there…?
Silver moved to the paper and slowly picked it up. The papyrus sheet was blank on one side and had some sort of glyph on the… Wait.
Dropping the paper like one would a hot coal, Silver tried to leap back. He landed on his back and went limp.
“I didn’t think it would work.”
Silver saw the Crows move towards him from the shadows. The one carrying Adriana had spoken, though Silver couldn’t make out his face behind the feathered mask he wore.
The second one crossed his arms. “I didn’t even notice him following. That… isn’t natural.”
The first one grunted. “He’s the Queen’s little Shadow. He’s not human, no matter how much he pretends. Now, lets hurry up. The glyph doesn’t last long.”
Silver smiled, giving the third man – who had bent to lift him – a pause. “Are you my death? Will you end my filth-riddled life?”
“Creepy.” The man grabbed Silver under his arms and began to drag him off to the side. Silver couldn’t see where they were headed, but he was awash with hopes for death. So close! A delayed spell sealed in a glyph was brilliant. Silver had no defense against magic without foreknowledge of said mage, so it was ideal to kill a tool such as he. Oh, Wolke, I shall rest with you soon! So soon!
“Throw him in.”
“Why not kill him right now?”
“It’s not in the contract. Our employer was discreet. Let the dire see to the dirty work.”
Silver was lain at the edge of something dark. Ah, a pit! But… would this really kill him? A boot was pressed against his side, shoving him over and into the pit. The fall was short, but Silver knew he had fallen a great deal. Especially when he heard a sickening snap in his left arm. Broken for sure.
“Our employer bids us to give you a message, Shadow!” The man from above was talking loud now. His voice was automatically etched into Silver’s memory. “’The Queen will die by my hand.’”
Without further speech, they walked off, their footsteps the only proof of their leaving. Silver sighed. This would not kill him. Far from it. But that… that might.
In the shadows of the pit, Silver saw a massive figure coated in white fur with golden eyes. It was a sight he had not seen for years and one he had hoped he would not see again. But now he was glad. His body was paralyzed, his soul ached for death, and a dire wolf stared at him like an assassin would his mark. This would be a death after all!
… Or not.
Silver’s body reacted as the beast lunged for him, the spell having worn off.

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