Stars Inn Motel

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Written by EllieLavellan on 07 Jun 2018 17:11.

April 16th, 2018. 03:57

Dani held the firearm firmly. His glare was so heated, she could almost feel it burn into her skin. Slowly, she reached for her bag and pulled the strap around onto her shoulder.
Christ, she thought, he’s going to make this as difficult as possible. Dani stood, gesturing with her gun for Joe to do the same. A brisk wind ruffled their clothes, but the chill didn’t bother her. However, she could clearly see him shiver.
“Here,” she tossed her jacket to him, returning her hand to its previous position. He caught it, his countenance suspicious, and rightly so.
“Where’s Jamie?” Joe repeated, quieter, but no less firm as he pulled the windbreaker on. It was a tight fit, but it served its purpose.
Ignoring him, Danika commanded, “There’s a motel about a mile from here. We’ll stop there and I’ll figure out what to do with you.” Dani then poked his shoulder with her gun. He was significantly taller than her, but as far as he knew, the safety on her pistol was off.

April 16th, 2018. 04:14

They reached the Stars Inn Motel, Danika’s gun pressed into Joe’s back the whole way. Bastard wouldn’t come otherwise. Dani wiped her nose with her shoulder and sniffed.
“We’re just gonna go in, rent one room, and then talk,” she looked him straight in the eye, “Understood?”
Joe glared again, his lips tight. Dani had to tear herself away from his gaze, and lightly pushed him through the door of the quaint motel.
The clerk had his feet propped up on the front desk, smoking a cigarette and reading the newspaper. He eyed them with little interest and asked if they wanted a room in a monotone voice. Danika quietly jabbed Joe in the side, whispering for him to get his wallet. His look said, Seriously, you’re kidnapping me, and I’m the one paying? Though she tried her best to disregard it as he slapped his credit card on the desk.
Without looking, the clerk handed them a key and muttered their room number. 31A. Leading Joe down the lightly decorated corridor, Dani scoped her surroundings.
Not much of a chance to run in this place. There’s nothing to hide behind in a firefight. They reached their room. It was a comfortable setting; one bed with a bathroom and a dirty window with a view of a brick wall. Joe returned Dani’s jacket roughly and with disdain.
“Now will you tell me where Jamie is?” He asked, his tone hostile.

March 24th, 2018. 01:03

Linton tore off her headset and rubbed her eyes. Pressing down a call button, she asked an intern for a cup of black coffee.
Another dead end, she thought, musing over the earlier events. The blurry-eyed intern in her tight pencil skirt hurriedly brought Linton her coffee, nearly spilling it in the process.
“Dammit!” she yelled, “Can’t you be more careful?” The intern dry washed her hands under Linton’s cool glare. She waved the clumsy girl off, returning back to the console. She sipped her coffee, her lipstick leaving a blood-red stain on the cup.
Linton carefully flipped through her files on Danika Williams, while keeping an eye on Heathcliff’s status. He didn’t know if the man who jumped with Miss Williams was related to her in any way, as he seemed like a bystander. However, she was going to go check public records just in case.

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