The Silver Shadow of the Queen

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Written by Dethnus on 20 May 2017 19:40.

Silver traced the two lines that scarred the right side of his face, reminding himself that he had no choice in what he did. He looked to his Queen, an imposing figure clad in black cloth and darkness itself, and nodded to the hallway in front of them. Men waited to ambush them ahead, thinking themselves capable of dealing with the unstoppable force of the Dark Queen, let alone Silver.

She pointed, letting her servant know her orders, and Silver took off.

He was allowed no weapons other than steel gauntlets with spiked knuckles. The scars on his arms caused his mistress to take his knife and he wasn't trusted with any larger weapons. Not that he would break his vow of servitude, of course. He would never do that.

Silver focused. He turned the corner and found himself facing half a dozen armored men with short swords meant for indoor fighting. The Queen's army would be useless in their bulky armor and long blades, which was probably the reason they had been left to conquer the remaining areas of the capitol instead of coming to assist.

"The wenches lapdog!" one yelled - the captain of the guard, from the yellow cloth on his arm. A very unlucky man to have met Silver this night. "Kill him and a promotion awaits you!"

The other armored men seemed to like this and two of them rushed Silver, minds both thinking only of their own greed. Why did they have to fight him? If they fled he could have let them live longer. Silver tightened his fist, feeling the blood of his previous foes inside the gauntlets. It nauseated him, making him want to vomit.

But he couldn't. He was order to kill any who stood in the way. When a Bonded is told to do something…

Silver sidestepped the first soldier's blade, slamming his metal fist into the man's unguarded face. Cartilage and bone crunched as metal invaded the space and the man fell dead as his comrade swung. Silver watched the oncoming blade sadly, it's motion almost slow to his trained eyes. These poor fools always threw their lives away.

And for what? Gold? Rank? Loyalty? ….Love?

Metal met metal as Silver knocked the blade to the side and disarmed the simple-minded soldier. A moment later he fell, his own sword stabbed through the weak point in his armor near the waist. Such a waste. If only he had been more skilled, maybe he could kill this pathetic Bonded that was forced to attack castle after castle under the orders of his newest master.

"D- don't be frightened! If we all rush him, his skill will be meaningless!" The captain was a plump man, one obviously not used to fighting, but he was the bravest of the men. He even led their feeble attack. Bravery means nothing, though. Not without a backing force, that is.

"Please, leave this place," Silver begged them. "If you run, I won't have to kill you."

"Shut up!" The captain swung his blade, aiming to decapitate Silver. If only he were faster.

Silver became a whirlwind of death, leaving only bleeding corpses behind him. The captain lay nearly two feet from where his head had rolled, decapitated by his comrade's blade. The second soldier - whose blade had taken the head of his superior - lay with face crushed beyond recognition. The other two had their throats slit by the spikes on Silver's gauntlets.

Such an ugly sight.

Footsteps behind Silver announced his mistress. She looked pleased at his work, not that her emotionless face let him know, and walked through the slaughter as if it were nothing. What sort of person could be so cold?

In the past, Silver had had many masters and mistresses. Some were kind and used him for mundane tasks. Silver had loved those peaceful times. Shopping, cleaning, gardening, and even sheep herding once. Those had been the calms to the massive storm of violence that the others had forced Silver into.

This woman, though… Silver's current master was someone far crueler than any he had served before. She waged war throughout the land, conquering kingdom after kingdom by going straight for the crown with her black-clad army, forcing Silver into more slaughter than he had ever experienced.

When Silver was Shamed, he knew his life as a Bonded would not be pleasant, but he had never thought he would be slaughtering hundreds of men to satiate one woman's lust for power.

Silver's mistress gave him a hand sign, commanding him to follow her into the throne room where the king and his royal guard most likely waited.

"Someone kill me, please…"

The words of the Bonded were heard by no one as he headed onward to assist the murder of yet another king.

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