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Thanks to Adrianna, the child - Moirai - finally had been forced to leave Silver and
the queen alone. She would have gotten in the way had she stayed.
Silver walked over to where an array of weapons were set up for his choosing.
Everything from daggers to spears to two-handed flamberges were lined up. Silver
thought about choosing the largest of the blades - the flamberge - but held off and
instead grabbed a pair of scimitars and slipped a dagger into his jacket without
The Queen chose differently, settling on a short sword as long as her arm and a
sword breaker. Her fighting style was much like Silver's own at this point, albeit
assisted by magic. They both went for the vitals.
Both combatants took their spots and Silver waited for the queen to begin the fight
with a nod.
This tradition had started shortly after Silver had been taken by the queen. She had
discovered his talent and insisted on testing herself on Silver. Of course, Silver had
tried to go easy and let her win - a lot of masters needed to feel superior to their
servants - but she had noticed and ordered him to fight seriously, though not to kill
or maim her. It had been his second time hearing her voice.
Now it was habit for her to test herself against him. It reminded Silver of something
in his past. He hated remembering what was lost to him.


Shadows consumed the forest that Cairn moved through. The moon was gone, the
fog had rolled in, the animals were on alert, and only two figures dared stalk
through the Killing grounds.
Cairn made no sounds. He had been trained to be silent, to be invisible, and to be
lethal. He was to be a Watcher, a master of unseen death. None were a match for
him, nor would they ever be. He would hunt the Bonded who broke the Ring and
put them down. Not cruelly, no… He would make it quick, clean, and silent.
Broken Bonded deserved nothing more, nothing less.
The meeting place was a clearing near the western entrance. Cairne had made it
there early and fell into the shadows of a nearby pine tree. He would wait, he would
watch, he would find the Broken Bonded who had fled here.
Footsteps sounded some ways away. Cairne readied the bow he had brought,
stringing it with dexterous hands and taking aim based on the sounds. This kill
would make him a Watcher. This one kill would honor the Elder's wishes. This kill
made Cairn Licht a full member of the Mehrals clan, to which he had been born.
The figure appeared in the clearing and Cairne started to fire. Only, he found he
couldn't. Instead, he dropped his bow and rushed to meet the one he had been
hunting. The girl's eyes locked with his own, fear clear on her face, then smiled.
"Cairne!" she yelled, rushing to greet him. "I had thought you were… one of them."
Cairne was frozen. The mother of his child was a Broken Bonded. He was supposed
to kill her. He was supposed to kill his heart.
Wolke stopped and stared at him, then noticed the weapons he was loaded with.
"Cairne…. Please."
Cairne hesitated, then took a step back. "I don't… know-"
An arrow pierced Wolke's head, sending blood across the clearing. Her body fell
only a moment later, her face a mix of fear and betrayal.
"Pity," the Watcher said from her place in the shadows, "You had potential."


Silver ignored the memory and focused on the Queen. He need not remember his
first and last test. Nor did he have to think about the queen testing herself. Just
follow orders and one day - one blessed day - you will die.
The Queen nodded.
Silver lunged and struck out with his right sword. The Queen blocked with the
sword breaker and pulled the caught weapon from Silver's hand, but he didn't worry
over it. Instead, he grabbed his remaining sword with both hands and swung, letting
it hit against the Queen's short sword. Perfect.
Silver released the sword as it made contact and thrust both his palms into the
Queen's abdomen, sending her rolling backwards. He followed suite and grabbed
one of his swords as he did.
The Queen looked frustrated, but Silver knew she wasn't angry at him.
In truth, the Queen was far superior than many warriors of even the Mehrals clan.
Silver had just been above that. From birth, he had been trained as a living weapon
with knowledge of how to fight in any situation. He had once killed several men
with a quill on the orders of a master. The men were all in heavy armor.
Silver and the Queen locked blade's once more, the clash ending with Silver
narrowly missing a hit at her leg. They continued for some time until the Queen had
finally caught his remaining sword with her sword breaker and relieved him of it.
She used the opportunity to try and slice his chest open.
He wished she were faster…
Silver twisted around his master as she swung and grabbed her in a choke, pulling
and pressing the knife he had hidden on him to her throat. She accepted her defeat
with a tap and they started over.
Inside his head, Silver smiled. He had had a thought. If she got skilled enough, she
might one day slice his neck open…
The training continued well into the night.

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