One More Adventure

guide: 'This story was originally published on on April 12, 2011 under a Some rights reserved. license.'
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desc: 'This was the very first story I posted on Protagonize. It was also added to by Al Ciao, who was the first person I ever collaborated with. In the interest of participating in this website, and to perhaps draw more old protagonizers to it, I''m adding all my old stories to this site, chapter by chapter. This one might be a bit cringey. '
content: "BANG! The explosion desintigrated the deck under my feet. I hit the water and tried swimming for safety but the pull of the current from the sinking ship sucked me down until the light was dim and murky. My lungs were bursting and my ears hurt from the pressure. I wasn't superstitious like many of my shipmates, but at that moment I was more than a bit worried for my so-quoted \"Immortal Soul\".\nSuddenly the current yanked me up and I practically exploded from the water. I floated there for a while, breathing, before I realized where I was. I had been swept along and into a cavern that glowed with an eirie blue light.\n\"Welcome,\" said a voice. Uh oh. I thought.\n\"Um… Hi!\" I tried to be enthusiastic, even though the voice was emotionless, even flat. \"Lovely cavern, very nice decorations.\" I noted the eerie crystals that shed the strange blue light. From my position in the pool of water, I could almost see something, like those shadows you see in your room that you think are 10 foot tall monsters. It seemed to be shed by a rock. Suddenly a very tall (I'm talking like, oh, 10 feet tall) woman leaned over the rock, pearing at me as if to see me better.\n'Thank you.\" She said, I couldn't tell if she had a tail or not. I squirmed under her intense stare.\n\"Y-your welcome.\" I stuttered. She continued to stare at me for a while, untill. \"Could you turn the lights up please?\" I asked, the blue light was doing nothing to help me as the cold water, up to my wast, penetrated my entire being, chilling me to the bone. I was shivering now, and my teeth were chattering, so my request actually sounded more like. \"C-c-could you t-turn the lightss up-p puh-please?\" There was laughter from behind the rock and the lights turned a bright gold, lighting the cavern up very nicely. Only one remained relativly unchanged. It was a very nice purple. It had been purple before my request, but since it wasn't blue I didn't mind. Now I could see the lady more clearly and what I saw astounded me. She was only half lady. Make that a quarter. From her chest down there were scales, ending in a very nice fin. Scaly Tail. I thought ruefully, thinking of a certain someone I had met once. But the lady stopped laughing almost immiediatly.\n\"Enough.\" The laughter stopped and I began shivering all the more. \"You have tresspassed here.\" She said dramatically.\n\"I-I'm sorry. I didnt mean to. You see my ship-\"\n\"Enough! You shall be punished for your insolence. Daughters! Prepare the magic of Neptune!\" Splashes and sudenly there were people swimming in the water around me. Beautiful people. Their strange underwater dance fascinated me and I was pulled underwater. I couldnt go up for air, they held me down, everything went dark."
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