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Re: Amazing by Jonty SternJonty Stern, 04 Oct 2020 17:02

What a fascinating account Jonty!

Amazing by Jsimmons17Jsimmons17, 01 Oct 2020 14:38

Arabian nights, Modern Aladdin, in the War-torn Middle East.

Agrabah, situated as a major port on a prime trade route, has managed to remain a neutral kingdom, despite the conflict that rages around it. But the danger is getting closer. The poor on the outskirts of the city are being attacked, and the grand vizier, Jaffa is being bribed by warmongers to encourage the sultan to support them. The princess calls for peace, but the sultan refuses to get his kingdom involved at all. There are rumors of a cave in the desert that contains a treasure, that if found, could turn the tide. A weapon for war, or a key to peace. Only a diamond in the rough can find it.

Characters include:
the Sultan (opt)
A warmonger (opt)

Arabian Nights: OPEN by Jsimmons17Jsimmons17, 04 Jan 2020 18:34

The Lost Boys of Neverland
Captain Hook has discovered a strange, dark power that is slowly corrupting the island's magic, effecting Peter Pan in particular.
This story is told in the pov of Pan's lost boys, so there are a couple of rules:
Your character must be male, he must be a lost boy. No one plays a pirate, or Peter Pan himself.
Each lost boy goes by a nickname, instead of their birth name
Since Neverland is a land where no one grows up, your lost boys can be from anywhere, any time, and have any kind of background.

OPEN: The Lost Boys by Jsimmons17Jsimmons17, 12 Nov 2019 19:21

Since the site hasn’t really been active in any way shape or form in a long while, I’m making an executive decision to primarily work via google docs and discord, at this server:

Don’t worry, the site’s not going anywhere. Benefits of it being free to maintain. It will remain as long as it has a foundation to stand on. And backups can be created if that foundation cracks. Hopefully, someday, a website will be just what the community needs again, but for now, I’m letting it rest.

Thank you everybody for your support, and I hope you join the discord so we can all start writing again!

Re: Progress of Remnants by Jsimmons17Jsimmons17, 25 Oct 2019 04:01

Jonty, Good Sunday morning.
A cool morning, yes.
But the sun's brilliant. Flaming, in fact.
You have mail :)

In regards to the domain name, I think I’m going with: But now it comes down to a larger problem.


Wikidot has had some strange technical difficulties these past few weeks, and it’s support and much of the structure and code of the wiki stuff hasn’t been updated since 2015. I’m finding that more than a little concerning. Not to worry, everything here can and will be backed up. The site is not large, and it’ll stay as long as Wikidot can host it. But! It may not be the best option to stick with going forward. I’ll tell you guys more as it comes about. In the meantime, don’t expect any big changes to happen here just yet.

Re: The Site Domain by Jsimmons17Jsimmons17, 30 Mar 2019 06:35

Thanks to donations from my new favorite person in the world, I realize I've been slacking in general maintenance and participation in this site. I've gone over the numbers, and done a little research, and with the money donated so far, we can certainly afford to get a real domain for this website.

So, what should it be? is taken, and I don't really love that anyway. (Clever, but suggested by someone I don't like very much.)

I dunno! What do you guys think?

The Site Domain by Jsimmons17Jsimmons17, 26 Mar 2019 16:34

I never wanted to be in England so bad until this moment.

Meet me in Trafalgar Square. Under Nelson. I'll make the drop. Bring bread.

Hi there. I saved some of "A Flaming Horizon Screams Your Name" but I didn't have time to get all of it. I'd love that one if possible! I remember you and I had such fun on it :) Thank you.

Hi, Everyone.
I saved these PDFs from Protag. Sing out if you want 'em.

100 Words or Less, By Invitation Only, In 3rd Person
by AmandaQuirky

A collection of stories/poems/journal entries/whatever that are 100 words or less. The idea is that the author of 1 chapter invites the next 3 authors, and gives them their subject in the title. To make it slightly more interesting, I'm stipulating that everyone writes in 3rd person.

If this idea bombs, sorry, but it seemed fun when it occurred!

A Day in the Life of …
by moonwalker

What if you could be anyone, or anything else? Then you could write about a day in the life of that person or thing. You could be a rock star who was a rock who became a star, or Elvis, who was secretly a cross dresser.

Anyway, each title should start with the words: A Day in the Life of … then say whose life you're writing about. Make it funny, gross, thrilling or whatever, but please don't make it mature, in two hundred words more or less.

by Bolsheviki

It was the sound of car wheels crunching on gravel that woke him. It was the children and their mother leaving for school, and it heralded freedom …

A flaming horizon screams your name.
by Nick Bouton

As you turn to the west to face the cliffs far above the azure blue waters of the Ionian Sea …

After Hours
by Jillian

"It's your move."
"No it's not; I just went."
"You did? Where?"
"Knight to E4. See, there."
"Oh, so you did. It's my turn then."
"Yes,it's your turn." The curator agreed, leaning back in his chair once again.
His name was Archibald Leech, the curator of his very own, rather significant, art museum …

After the Fall
by zxvasdf

Your apocalyptic vision of the future, after the world has gone belly up. Write of pain, despair, change, and hope.

Ah, Cubicle Life!
by Terran_Nytefyer

Ah, how wonderful to be back to work! Sitting all day, up to twelve hours, in a beautiful, small, dark puke green color carpeted, 8x8 foot square box! Your computer on the desk in front of you, the multi-line phone and headset next to…

Arbitrary Book Challenge
by Jackerbie

Quick, grab the nearest book! Turn to page 52 and find the fifth sentence on the page. Got it? Well, we're just getting started…

Assignments from the Protagonize Editor's Desk
by TheRiverTalker

A challenge to assign fellow Protagonizers to write one chapter stories on a designated first line. The writer uses the given title as the first words in the story. Then that writer calls out a different writer and gives that writer the next opening line such as …
RiverTalker: It was a dark and story night …

A Study in Nomenclature
by g2LaPianistaIrlandesa

Pen names are interestingly unusual things; their origin stories are often just as interesting. Share yours here!

Choose Your Own Adventure!
by WillTurner

Note: I used to love those books as a kid, they were my total fave and I would write some of my own. So this is my own version here. But obviously, feel free to take this in whatever direction you like…

Choose your own dumb adventure
by Rac7hel

The clock was ticking, and Jim really needed to pee…

Clockwork: a World of Choice
by Jackerbie

Modern industry meets magical fancy in this choose-your-own-adventure journey.

CYOA: The Time Remote
by marcuslee

Choose Your Own Adventure: Time Machine
Just like the books, we are writing from one character's perspective as he/she travels through time. Where will you take him/her next?

by nickb

You're a vampire, creeping across the city at dawn. (Hey, cut me some slack, this was written pre-Twilight!)
Unfortunately, you've lost something vitally important and you're about to be in deep doo-doo for being so careless. Oops.

Deborah, Doug… and Daughter too
by Jillian

Deborah swung her legs heavily over the side of the bed. Her husband, Doug, continued to snore loudly beside her. She sighed deeply; another day.
But this wasn't just another day in Deborah's routine of days that she knew all too well. This day would be far different. Only she didn't know it yet.

Didn't you just love Mini Sagas?
by Nyxie

So basically, I miss MiniSaga, so I've recreated it :)
The Rules:
Write between 50 - 100 words
No Mature content
Be nice!
You must tag two people when you have written your chapter thingy, and leave the last one open
Give names to the chapters too, so the next person knows what to say
Chapter titles may be repeated
TehehehehehHave fun

"Doctor Who and the Return of the Meddling Monk"
by Jonty

With a strange screeching sound which rose and fell rhythmically, an object appeared out of thin air. Not something you'd expect to see opposite a church on a summer morning in Edgware, North London, but something which was happening nonetheless…

Dream Log
by Christopher The Muppet

A dream log.

Dream Tales
by jait

A series of micro-fiction pieces outlining some of the most vivid dreams you've had.

Fairy Wings
by Bolsheviki

My name is Jacy.
And I’m a royal bastard.
In the context of illegitimate, that is. I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself unpleasant…

by darkliquid

A story told in reverse chronological order. Each chapter is a cause for the previous chapter, followed by an effect for subsequent chapters to 'cause'.

Here We Go Again
by Bolsheviki

It was a wet Sunday. Outside, rain poured down relentlessly, promising floods in the near future, but inside the small house it was warm and peaceful and for once its occupant was feeling rather optimistic…

by Bolsheviki

For a moment, in the warm twilight between sleeping and waking, William had dignity. For a split second, he was comfortable and happy and he had all the rights that he used to enjoy back when-

Jack Rubashevskiy's Walk through the Park
by Druidx

Just a silly story inspire by Jack Rubberchicken. Obviously the Authors mentioned are my own loose portrayal. Jack wouldn't really shoot defenceless animals. Probably.

by toxicemu

Open a door, and describe what is inside. Characters, alternate dimensions, tea parties, etc… Whatever fits for the situation. Each door that you go into gets you further into the labyrinth,
and therefore closer to the exit… But not all passages get you to the end alive!

Let's stay connected
by GardeniasCastle

Hi everyone,
I know that I disappeared, but I disappeared because the site kept bugging out on me and now it's almost gone. I don't want to lose connections so add on your blogs or other sites that you're on.
Let's stay connected.

by TheRiverTalker

The Letter "A"
An accomplished advertising agency addressed all active agents about attracting Australian accounts and abandoning American accounts after an announcement about adverse art activity.

Letters Home
by Aceronian

A series of letters to (and from) home, from (and to) a new frontier.

Letters- One More Time
by TheRiverTalker

An exercise in vocabulary.

Letters we'd like to write
by smac972

a collection of letters we'd like to write, have fun, be snide, be silly, be candid, act dumbfounded, make'em feel stupid, make'em feel smart, be persuasive…say anything…I just ask not be angry. Cuz that's boring.

by Bolsheviki

What if when you are comdemned to 'consecutive life sentences' they really mean it?

Mage Hunting
by Bolsheviki

Oh, he could really do without this. He could really do without this on top of everything. The ground felt rock hard under his feet as he pounded through the undergrowth, brambles catching at his legs, trying to trip him up. His breath rasped painfully in his throat, but he didn't dare stop, not when there was a massive hulking great black-furred bear on his tail…

Monster Hour
by Burndtree

Daddy says, There is no such thing as monsters. You know there are…

Muses, Figments, and Other Denizens of the Imagination
by g2LaPianistaIrlandesa

We all have at least one "imaginary" being of some kind or another running around in our heads. Be it muse, yet-to-be-developed character, or just some random dude, share your figments with us here!

Narrative Exercise: Character Study From Three Points of View
by Tasha_Noble

Write a short scene, then rewrite it - see the Author Guidance for details.
[Write the scene from THREE points of view]
This story will be linked to Editing, Rewriting and Polishing Group eventually.
NO Rating, please.

Not Your Typical Tink
by Jillian

Joshua had a full belly and that meant only one thing: time to play. He jumped down from the table and shouted something about finding hidden treasure in the backgarden as his mother and father began to clean up the dinner table and talk about the electric bill for the month.

Protagonize Airport
by Anonymous

A sister story to the Protagonize Bus. Just create a character and join in. Characters posted in the author guidance.

by Crymzon

Kalith was not happy.
"Go and find The Lost Tombs of the Ever Swamps. Plenty of treasure to be had there. It'll be good to start your career with a lesser known dungeon. If you can prove yourself there you can join your brothers and sister on the more difficult hunts."

Second Chance
by AnastasiaJ

[Anna, star reporter with a deadline, steps in front of a bus. So now she's really ticked..]

Ship's Log
by redhat

Sailing Vessel Redhat
The Fifteenth day of July
Two Thousand and Eight Anno Domini
I write presently to report our current state of inactivity precipitated by a disappointing lull of inspirational winds necessary for us to pursue our useful and desired goals…

Soft Ash
by Garthaman

You walk down the street slowly, staring at your feet, which sink deep into the ash with every step. All around you, you see colapsed buildings, almost all smothered with ash. You fear to think what the ash is.

by Bolsheviki

There are statues everywhere. Have you ever thought of that? Statues, everywhere.
Of course you haven't thought about it. They're statues. Inanimate. What of them?
They're decoration, nothing more.
And that's just what they want you to think…

Stories I Never Wrote
by HourglassThorne

[Write a scene from a story never written. When you're done, for the next writer, add three prompts for three never-written stories.]

Taken, on an Adventure!
by Jackerbie

Van is an ordinary young man whisked away onto an adventure, most unwillingly, by a crazed old man named Morley. What dangers will they encounter? Who will they meet along the way?
And just where are they going? You decide!

Thank you Protagonize
by xkatieshepherd

In light of the recent news of Protagonize closing its doors on June 3rd I thought this would be a really great place to share how it has changed your life and to pass on our thanks to Nick and everyone else who helped keep Protag running for as long as it has.

The 2009 Protagonists' Diary
by TheRiverTalker

I hope authors will take a turn to write the day's page. Try to follow format.

[DATE…Dear Diary…The day's doings…signed, Author's name]

The Anjini Wars
by Craziantix

When the Anjini Ring, a cluster of planets rotating about the same orbit in the Anjini solar system, was found to contain life-forms, the Unclassified Organism Database sent out a team to investigate. To their horror, they found the Kestinos, a virulent species that preyed on the minds of other sentient beings. The team was ordered to bring back a few Kestinoid cells for tests. However, they broke out of their containment units and took over the ship. Thus began the Anjini Wars…

The East Wallingford Chronicle
by Archi_Teuthis

Your one source for all articles random, biased, and/or just plain stupid, in the form of the collective writings of the EW Chronicle staff.

The Flame Weaver
by Taylos

Fire exploded out of Kai's hands, scattering everyone watching the lesson. Master Tharyn side stepped just far enough that the flames shot past him but left his cloak smoking from the heat.
"Very good, Kai, but I am positive I asked you to light the candle, not dissolve it. You power is quite impressive; however, power without control is power better left unused."

The God-Seed Vector
by Tip_A_Steinback

In the Earth month of March in the Earth year of 2152, the Einstein Institute of Vienna made one of the greatest discoveries of cosmic history. The long-sought Pulse of Life had been traced through Professor N'Gula's new science of quarkography, and located in the earth's permafrost of Antarctica. The find would have galactic consequences, and required extraordinarily careful handling…

The Lusty Argonian Maid
by Rac7hel

Zagroth jumps around Skyrim and inadvertently becomes the central character of an inevitable tale of magic, mystery, murder, and more.

The Night Sky
by aryst0krat

Do you have a special relationship with the night sky? Tell me about it here.

The Prisoners
{group collab] by Elorithryn

Will you play Jordan, Peyton, or Riley as you try and recover your lost memory, escape from a tower, and return home?

These 3…What?
by Burndtree

Pick three of anything inspiring. Write them together.

For example:
Serpents…Tremblingly…he springs out like an electric Slinky.

The Storm
by Writers_Block

Mrs. Higgins hummed to herself as she clipped the deadheads from her beloved roses…

Things That Go Bump In The Night
by SparkleGirlSparkle

In the not too far distance, a loud thunder crack woke Pheobe Green from slumber that had already been hard to come by. It took her a moment to adjust to her unusual sounds and realise just where she was - the old attic room…

WIKEDPEDIA - The Other Information Source
by Burndtree


You are deep within a dream…
by framboise

The diving board feels rough beneath your callow feet. It reaches out for miles before you, dissolving into the most vibrant sunlight of your life…

These are all the Protagonize collabs I was a part of:

The Collab Commandments
Endless Stars
Lost Boys
It's Just Super
A Very Italian Opera
Another World
The Last Realm
Chasing Rain
Admiral Wiseacre's Fantastic Tent Circus
Decorus Virtus Academy
Return of the Sith
Avengers: Next Gen
Rainbow Eyes
Arabian Night
Changes: A fairytale
Harry Potter: The Years between
The Fountain Of Youth
The Time of Twins
The Sylvan Path
Galactic Legion
The Supers
Italian Job
Permanent Penumbra
The Prison of Inhuman Beings
Love Luck
Little Magic
A man and his horse
Time Space Everything
Dr. Who: Jigsaw
Literary Dream
Dartmoor Manor Academy
Starlight (solo)
Antariska 2
Shadow of the Day (DotN B3)
The Con is On
The World on the Other Side of the Wall (solo)
Inside Imagination
Through the Door
Antariska 1
Light of the Dawn (DotN B2)
Blood, Wine and Roses
Assur: The Journey
Dark of the Night (DotN B1)
The Door
The Death Game
Assassin Academy
The Sistren of Randomness
Writer's Block
War of 2100
One More Adventure

These are in reverse order of when they were written, so the ones on the bottom are from like 2010.
So if anyone wanted to read or use these for anything, just let me know.

I've been trying to track down a few old stories on the Wayback Machine that I didn't save as PDFs (and not having much success) which led me to the thought - I've got a bunch of stuff saved. So here's a list of the ones I've got PDF copies of in case anyone is looking for them:

  • A Girl And A Boy
  • And Love On The Side
  • Assassins Of The Night
  • Cathedral Tower
  • Dark-2
  • Daydreams and Nightmares
  • Diaries Of Darkness
  • Elementals The Heroic Tale
  • End Of The Old Ways
  • Enter The Supernatural
  • Fire And Water
  • From The Library
  • Guardian Angels
  • Horror Collaborative Free-for-all
  • Hydropolis
  • Let's Stay Connected (The farewell we all wrote, which may have contact information if you're trying to find someone!)
  • Light Split
  • Live Again
  • Names Of Power
  • Of Falsehood Wrought
  • Online Contact 1/50
  • Paranormal
  • Passage
  • Powerful People
  • Return to the Community
  • Return to Vampire Mansion
  • SCIT 1 Pushing Up Daisies
  • SCIT 2 At The Last Gasp
  • SCIT 3 A Murder Of Crows
  • SCIT 4 One Step From Hell
  • Subreality
  • Summer Solstice
  • Tattoo
  • The Bandit Queen
  • The Community
  • The Dark Queen
  • The Guardians
  • The Hour of the Red Queen
  • The Kingdom
  • The Kingdom II
  • The Monster Within
  • The New World
  • The Orphan of Saint Olette
  • The People
  • The Protagonize Bus
  • The Return Of The Heroes
  • The Seven Orbs
  • The Zombie Chronicles
  • Three Stars
  • Vampire Mansion
  • You're Hired, Grim Reaper!

If you want to see any of these, gimme a shout!

If you've got anything saved that I haven't, please comment below!

Looking for an old story? by EilidhanEilidhan, 24 Dec 2018 16:44

:) Thank you. Season's Greetings to you :) :)

Cool! I don’t know what that is but that’s really exciting!

Just to let you know I'll be on "My Family Secrets Revealed" just after 13:00 on 17th Dec on Channel 4 in case anyone's interested :)

Page Ratings are now officially here!

Soon to come: A page where stories are sorted by top rating.

If anyone has other suggestions for features, feel free to comment.

A favorites page is still on the top of my own list to ask for.

Re: Progress of Remnants by Jsimmons17Jsimmons17, 16 Oct 2018 22:47
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