chapter-Stars Inn Motel-EllieLavellan

story-The Secret Lies Within-Jonty Stern

chapter-2 - Iron Under Rust-Burndtree

protag-Remnants Blade-Burndtree

chapter-Waking Up-Antagony

chapter-He Who Is Brave Is Free-Antagony

chapter-Leo: Blade and Red Cross-Dethnus

chapter-Dakota: Limits-Dethnus

chapter-Leo: Tattoos-Dethnus

chapter-Malik Wescott-Starwarsfreak117

chapter-Chapter 1.3-Nerathul

chapter-Chapter 1.2-Nerathul

protag-Out on the Edge-Nerathul


chapter-Liz: Hero's Mindset-Dethnus

chapter-Kieran: Lawyer-Jsimmons17

chapter-Liz: First Day-Dethnus

chapter-Kieran: Holding Cell-Jsimmons17

chapter-Liz: Not a Total Loss-Dethnus

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