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Welcome to Remnants!

Whether you are here as a brand new user, or as an old friend from Protagonize, you are welcome.

First off, click on the You link in the top navigation bar, and create your profile! Then, you can go ahead and start writing.

Remnants is a website that is based off the website Protagonize. As such, I've taken a lot of cues from them when it comes to Story Structure, and the Standard Story format that they used is the same as here and is listed as "Protagonize Style."

Protagonize Style

Protagonize Style is where the chapters are added one at a time, by an individual or a team of writers, and the story grows from there, with each chapter being added as a new page of the site, and can be linked to individually.

Free Form Stories

FreeForm stories take up a single Page. Instead of adding pages to a story, you are less limited and can add chapters, or just single sentences, adding them to the story and building upon what everyone else has written.

A Short Word of Warning:

Remnants is a work in progress. It's only a baby site, and not fully developed by a long shot. We are brand new, and the future is bright, but there are a few places that new Authors should not go.

If you see a button labelled Admin Only, and you are not an Admin, do not push it. Pages made using an "admin only" button get deleted frequently because they are considered tests.

On the plus side: suggestions and recommendations are always welcome. Please feel free to post in the discussion page or to use the contact page to post questions and suggestions. This is a site created by writers, for writers. We want your experience to be as smooth as possible.

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