Rules of Conduct

Okay, Rules might be pushing it. I'm gonna cater to you very smart writers for a moment. This site only has one rule:

Respect your Fellow Authors

Respect can have different meanings. What I mean by this here is that you do not edit their sections or pages without their permission. You do not change or delete their content without their permission. If you have a dispute or problem with another's content, report it to me using the Contact page, or by using the "flag as objectionable" link in the lower right corner. Or both.

When it comes to posting in a collaborative work, do try to make sure that your post is welcome beforehand. The rules vary per collab, so maybe leave a comment asking permission first.

If you want to write more mature content, or things that may not be appropriate for younger readers and writers, inform your readers by putting a note in the Guidance, or by Tagging your work with Mature.

I trust that everyone here is an intelligent person who already respects their fellow writers. I am trusting you guys to make sure that I don't need to put any more rules on this page. I don't want to restrict anyone's freedoms, but restrictions and permission changes will be put into place as needed.

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