Characters-A Poem

Do Your Characters Tell You Stories?

Written by Jsimmons17 on 22 Nov 2018 08:52.

Do your characters ever tell you stories?

Do they whisper in your head as you fall asleep at night?
Do they tell you about the adventures that they've had?
When you scrap a story do you ever return?
Do the characters tell you what they have learned?
Do your characters tell you stories?

Are worlds being built in your dreams?
Do they fill your head with legends, myths and history?
Do you wonder where it comes from?
Do your characters ever tell you stories?

Do they talk about their fears and their worries?
Do they tell you that they'd rather be back home than on a quest?
Do they want, instead of glory, just for peace and rest?
Do your heroes tell you stories?

Do your characters ever wonder if they’re evil?
Do they talk about their pasts, or hide them away?
Do they tell you about their desires for a better world?
Do your villains tell you stories?

Do ruins pop up in a city you thought you knew well?
Does a forest contain a secret you didn't know it hid?
Does an undiscovered continent lie across the sea?
Do your worlds tell you stories?

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