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Kieran: Machinas

Written by Jsimmons17 on 29 May 2017 13:57.

A supervillain and a superhero end up becoming college roommates. Neither one has any idea that the other is their nemesis, and they have to keep up the pretense that they each live normal lives as they grow closer, and maybe fall in love.

I had her right where I wanted her. We were in my secret lab, though the secret was out, due to the large hole in the outside wall, where Gravity Girl, my nemesis, had blasted her way in. I had, of course, retaliated with my giant robot, standing ten feet tall, with fists of solid titanium. My name was Machinas, villain supreme, and tamer of machines. I could also change temperatures from freezing to boiling and back again.
In a lucky shot -I mean due to strategic skill and power- I managed to land a blow to her head that knocked her through several computer panels and into a wall at the edge of the lab. She lay there now, crumpled on the ground. I climbed out of my robot's chest, where I'd been controlling it and strode towards her, a sneer on my face, though she could not see it through my helmet's tinted visor.
I thought I cut a pretty intimidating figure. My suit was skin tight, white and dark blue, carbon fiber armor protected my more important organs, coating my chest, stomach, and arms in a hard shell painted white along my shoulders, but the rest was dark blue to match my suit. A dark blue cape hung from my shoulders, and it swept the floor dramatically as I stepped across the debris that lay scattered. Most of my machines had been damaged, and I sighed. We had been fighting for two years now, since I'd first come to Sky City to attend the University.
I stopped, standing over her. Her face was hidden by a masklike cowl, that covered her face from the nose up. Her suit was some, red-leather biker's suit, with a yellow stripe up the legs and down the arms. Her cape was bunched up below her like some kind of mess from a ketchup and mustard spill. The costume was tight, as tight as mine, but the leather didn't seem to prevent her athletic movements, any more than my armor prevented me from doing the same.
"Surrender now, and I will make your death quick," I said, the voice changer on my helmet making it deeper and slightly distorted.
"Surrender? It's like you think you're winning or something." Gravity Girl retorted, tossing her head, and standing up. Everything around her began to float as well, and I knew it was her powers.
"I am winning!" I retorted, swinging my arm back towards my robot. "Did you not see my robot coming down on your head?" Bringing my arm forward, I sent a blast of cold air towards her with my own powers. "Or maybe you missed it because you nearly blacked out." It irked me that she hadn't blacked out and that I would have to continue to fight, wrecking my lab in the process. She floated upwards, out of reach, with the debris in her gravity field.
"Robots have weaknesses, right?" She said, aiming and firing the debris at the robot. Its arm fell off, and I sighed. More repairs.
"Idiot, I'm not in there," I mumbled. "See if you can still concentrate when your teeth are chattering like maracas!" I added louder, decreasing the temperature in the lab further. A thermometer in my glove said it was getting to near freezing, but Gravity didn't seem to notice. She had landed now and was jumping toward me, her foot outstretched.
"Take this then!" She shouted. As she came closer, the floor slid out from beneath me as the gravity changed. I slid along the floor sideways, and still, she came closer. Reaching out, I grabbed her outstretched foot as it came towards me, and heaving with all my might against the changed gravity, I threw her into some more computer panels. They were old, maybe only a few hundred bucks worth of parts in each of them. Still, more repairs.
"Ha! Is that the best you can do?" I taunted her, laughing through my voice changer as I came to rest against another computer panel. I slid to the floor as gravity was restored back to normal.
"Sheesh, you're a stubborn one," Gravity called back. I watched as she hurtled toward me again with another kick, but this time, she somehow turned in midair, sliding past me, and allowing a small device to bury itself in the armor in front of my abs. It stuck there, and it sort of hurt. It had nearly penetrated the armor, and I knew that just the impact would leave a pretty nasty bruise over my muscles. I yanked out the device, examining it.
"Hey, this is one of mi--" It exploded in my face, one of my own detonators, small, but heavy and strong. It lit a small fire in my hands, and disintegrated into a puff of smoke, clogging my helmets air filters and making me cough. "Aagh!" I yelled, "I'll get you for that, Gravity Girl!" I made a run for her, preparing to wring my hands around her neck, but I was hurtled upwards, as she stayed near the ground, holding tightly onto a table, bolted to the floor.
"From all the way up there?" She taunted as I hit the ceiling on my back. I stifled a groan and pulled a small remote controller from my utility belt. This particular one activated a small, but deadly RC chopper with razor sharp blades. I expertly maneuvered it towards her, upside down, as she seemed to stand on the ceiling above me.
"Any direction is fine with me, Princess," I said, adding the title sardonically. The chopper was designed to detect changes in gravity and compensate almost immediately, but not immediately enough, as gravity quickly returned to normal and I found myself falling 20 feet back towards the floor. Then gravity reversed again and I slammed into the ceiling again, which knocked the controller out of my hands. I stood, with some difficulty since my lungs were now burning and my spine was bruised, as she came toward me, with another kick.
"How about I end this?" She said. Again, I grabbed her outstretched leg and slammed her down--up--, into the ceiling. She left a fairly sizable dent in the plaster. As she lay there, winded, I bowed to her, swishing my cape through the air.
"Be my guest," I said, finishing the bow and bringing out a small, but powerful grenade from my belt. "I like to finish with a bang." I armed the bomb and prepared to shove it down her insubordinate throat, but she knocked it out of my hands, sending it spinning toward the ground, while I was yanked forward and held barely off my feet in a gravity field.
"You know you're supposed to be nice to a girl, right?" She said, and I answered with a shrug, trying to look cool, though I hovered in the air uncomfortably.
"I find that chivalry goes out the window when said girl breaks into one's home and trashes the place." I said, gesturing at the debris below us. "It is then, that chivalry demands that I throw you out on your--" Just then, the grenade hit something on the floor and exploded. But it was a much larger explosion than I had planned for the device, and then I saw the culprit. The unusual chemicals I had been experimenting with for school had caught fire, and were spilling out across the floor.
"Looks like you're getting thrown out too," Gravity Girl responded, grinning and carrying me to safety, leaving me on the street outside my lab, which was now in flames. As I watched, the chemicals exploded again, sending up a massive fireball into the air, and causing the sound of sirens to fill the air. Sighing, I removed my helmet, becoming Keiran Jacobs once again. I ran a hand through my short, dark hair, and groaned. "Great, my backpack was in there."

I bunked with a 'friend' of mine that night. Jeff had a studio apartment, but an air mattress, and he was always having friends over. I just never thought I would be one of them.
"Hey, Keiran," he said as I stumbled into his apartment, dressed in my emergency jeans and a maroon button-down. I had managed to grab my emergency kit and backpack before the fire-damage got too bad at the lab, but there was no possibly way I was going to be able to go back for the more valuable things. Once the police discovered the giant robot, it would be clear that it was Machinas' lab. The Villain that had been terrorizing Sky City for nearly two years. "Geez, you look awful. What happened to you?"
I shook my head and tried to rub away the soot marks on my face. "My place caught fire, can I crash here for a night?"
"Yeah, did the firemen put it out?" Jeff dashed for his air mattress and some scratchy blankets, clearing a space on the floor out of all the dirty laundry, pizza boxes and beer cans laying around. I wrinkled my nose at it but shrugged. It was just one night.
"It was a chemical fire, nothing they could do," I said shortly.
"Oh, man, that's rough. What are you gonna do? You can't stay on my floor forever, you know. I've got a party going on tomorrow night, to mark the new school year. You'll get stepped on."
I looked at him. Dressed in a beanie, and a dirty hoodie, I couldn't believe this guy was my only option for a last minute place to crash.
"One night," I said. "You know anyone in need of a roommate, at least until they can rebuild my place?"
"Well, My friend Jesse heard from his friend Logan that his friend Cameron heard that Liz Lumin's roommate graduated. So she might be looking."
"Wait a second, She?" I asked, tuning back in once he'd stopped the list of names.
"Yeah, Liz Lumin. She's pretty popular, a Physics major, with a major body." Jeff grinned. "Maybe you and she can get all... sciency together. If she's up for co-ed rooming."
I rolled my eyes. "Jeff, you are the most--" I stopped. It was worth a try.
"I will go check it out tomorrow."

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