Written by EllieLavellan on 21 Jul 2017 21:26.

This story was on Protagonize, it's a knight who saves princesses, but the knight is a lady! Very original, I know.

Her name is Nicole, hence the creative title.

Nicole tiptoed down the stairs; hearing different voices coming from the dining room. She crept closer to the glowing doorway.
Butler turned down the hallway, spotting what seemed like a small ghost near the dining room, where Lord and Lady Skalnik were having a bureaucratic party.
“Nicole?” he whispered, and the little spirit froze, “What are you doing up?” She turned to face him, having a caught-in-the-act look on her round face.
“Mommy and Daddy didn’t say goodnight. Or hugs and kisses,” she pointed out, hands behind her back and slowly inching towards the dining room door, “Why can’t I see them right now?”
Butler crouched down to her eye level and brushed her dark curly hair out of her eyes, whispering, “They are busy, Nicole,” Hoisting her up on his hip, he walked back up the stairs, and into her bedroom. Setting her down on the edge of the bed, Butler cupped her face in his hands, and kissed her forehead lightly.
“Maybe tomorrow night, they will hug and kiss you,” he said, ruffling her hair.
“Wait, Butler,” she whispered, “Tomorrow will take forever to get here!,” Her eyes filling with tears as she fidgeted with the blankets, “They might not even be here tomorrow. They are having a party right now, after all.”
“Quite right, little one,” replied Butler, “You never know,” he picked her up again, and tucked her into bed.
“Good night, Nicole.”
Butler silently walked down the stairs, hoping she wouldn’t get out of bed again. He heard a ruckus coming from the dining room, and a sound of shattering glass. Suddenly, there were screams coming from the dining room. Butler rushed to the door and pulled the handle.
The door wouldn’t budge.
The cries increased in volume, and the door was being pounded on from the other side. Butler rammed his shoulder against the door several times until it moved. Flames erupted from the small doorway, and out into the hall, licking the carpet and walls with a deadly orange glow, along with the putrid smell of burning flesh that filled his nostrils. Butler only thought of one thing.
He ran up the stairs, fire in tow. Butler yanked open her door, not finding her anywhere in sight.
“Nicole!” He yelled, tossing over quilts and pillows, until he found a small whimpering form huddled in a far corner.
“Butler, w-what’s happening!?”
“I don’t know,” he said, looking at the doorway filling with light, “But we have to go. Now!” He pulled her into his arms, smoke burning his eyes. Butler opened the biggest window in the room and jumped.
Nicole’s screams piercing his ears, he twisted his body around as they fell so that he would land on his back.
They landed and slid a few yards, Nicole still in Butler’s arms. His body, being broken, didn’t move as Nicole wiggled her way out of his grasp.
“Butler?” she whispered. She repeated his name, and no answer followed. She clutched at his clothes and shook him, crying for her mother.

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