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It's been 30 years since the Law Crash - a devastating event that bent reality and almost ended life as we know it - and finally the people of the United States are getting back to normal lives. Yet, it is the beginning of a new era; the era of reality defying heroes using powers called Obsessions. The greatest among these is Justice, the Hero of Los Vegas. He has been a pillar of strength throughout his home country and seemingly a saint. However, 'justice' has always been perceptual…

I’ve never thought of myself as having the most powerful Obsession or being the strongest of the heroes that had popped up since a few decades ago, but I never had once thought I was weak either. Yet, here I was, losing hopelessly.
I picked myself up off the cracked sidewalk and immediately fell back down as pain jolted through my leg and side. Broken again. Damn that Justice. The ruins of Washington D. C. sprawled around me, hiding much from my view on the street. Where had I been thrown to? And where was Dakota?
My arm tingled and Caladbolg appeared in the air beside me. I grabbed the massive black blade and willed it to take me to the air. The sky flashed with lights that I could only assume to be Lady Star still fighting Justice. Well, it was good to know she was still in the fight. Who all had been taken out?
It didn’t take long to spot Dakota – or Red Cross, as he liked to be called – kneeling next to someone. He wasn’t hard to spot, honestly, being taller than everyone I knew outside of Brute. He wore his white cloak with the red cross, too. It took me a minute to recognize the other person’s red spandex suit as Vector’s. “Cross!” I shouted, allowing myself to be sat down beside the two men. Caladbolg vanished, my arm tingling to signal it was back in storage.
“Leo, you look like shit,” Dakota said, shaking his head. “Better than Vector here, though. I managed to keep him alive, but I can only do so much even with my ability. If he was a normal human maybe…”
I looked at Vector. “Well, at least he’s alive,” I said. I looked at my body armor and the blood covering the black leggings I was wearing. My head felt light at the sight, but I tried my best to ignore it. “Can you patch me up? I need to get back out there and help Lady Star.”
Dakota nodded and placed a massive hand on me. I felt euphoria as my leg knitted back together and my bones moved back into place. My fourth heal today and I still couldn’t get over how good that felt. I might turn into a masochist at this rate.
“Be careful, Leo.” Dakota nodded to the source of the distant flashes. “He’s managed to take out even Brute. I barely managed to save his life, too. So it’s just you, the Stars, and Falcon now. I can’t heal death.” His eyes were as stern as his voice as he spoke.
“Don’t worry, we will come out on top. We have to at this rate.” Justice had taken out Washington D. C. and even Wall Street. He couldn’t be allowed to continue like this. I stood up and tested my newly healed leg, then summoned all of my remaining armory into the sky behind me. Caladbolg, Excalibur 3, Atma, Oathedge, and Dragonslayer appeared, awaiting command. I brought Caladbolg to my hand and flew into the sky.
The ruined landscape passed beneath me and I could see the White House ruins in the distance. I never really cared for many politicians. They always seemed to be sneaking around trying to line their own pockets and screw over everyone else. But those politicians hadn’t deserved to die. Nor had the media, workers, and any other person who had been here on that day.
The battlefield had moved towards the Jefferson Memorial over that big pond or whatever it was in front of the Washington Monument. Lady Star seemed to be trying to burn Justice to death from the glimpses I could spare. I had to pull my UV goggles over my eyes just to make out that much. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her changing forms cause the wind to blast away from her. I looked around for the others. Lord Star was in the sky, so I moved to his location. His robes were scathed but still held on. Fire retardant clothing could only do so much when you had a localized star near you. I didn’t see Falcon, though.
“Glad you’re OK, Blade.” Lord Star shouted over the rushing air. “I got worried when he threw you across the map.”
“How’s she holding up?” I asked him, taking a peek at Lady Star. I could only barely make out her form before she exploded into a star. Justice’s large frame was still there, too, looking almost unfazed.
“He can’t grab her so long as she keeps flashing him like that.” Usually he would make a joke about that. “Brute didn’t even last as long as she has.”
“This isn’t working.”
Lord Star turned away from the fight to avoid blinding himself – the goggles only helped so much. “No, the best we can do is stall him and maybe wear him out enough to-“
The flashing stopped and a scream ripped through the air. Both me and Lord Star turned to the battle to see Lady Star held by the neck by a very angry Justice. His clothes had been burned away long before I had been knocked away, but even naked he looked menacing. Not large like Brute, or even as large as Dakota was, Justice still seemed larger than life. His short blonde hair had somehow survived the continuous bursts of ten thousand degrees of heat and his defined body was a swathe of burns and bruises, though nothing even remotely severe.
Lady Star struggled to breathe in his grasp. Her skin-tight purple suit had rips and her dark hair was a mess, making the whole ordeal look even worse.
“Justice will be served!” The former hero announced in a deep bellowing voice. Caladbolg carried me fast and Lord Star wasn’t far behind with his own Obsession, but we both knew we weren’t going to make it. Justice lifted Lapis’ body high so that we could see.
Then he snapped the heroine’s neck.

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