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fauna, 1-2 kg.
flora, 1-2 kg.
water, 2-3 L.
bay leaf, 1
salt, 5-10 mg.
pepper, 5-10 mg.
paprika, 5 mg approx.


cooking pot, or available containment vessel
remotely operated vehicle, tracked, 1
reactor, minus coolant, stabilized, 1


Select specimens of flora and fauna. Prepare specimens. Follow humane handling protocols. Combine all in a cooking pot, or available containment vessel.

Add water enough to cover. Add one bay leaf. Add salt, pepper, and paprika, to taste.

Secure the cooking vessel to the sample bed of a remotely operated vehicle.

Pilot the ROV twice through contaminated reactor sections. Twice through will guarantee adequate exposure of organics and thorough cooking.

Recall the ROV and now-bubbling containment vessel. Allow contents to cool fifty-seven years before serving.

WARNING: Second servings are not recommended. First servings are discouraged.

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