The Crystal City

Prologue: 200 years ago

Written by Jsimmons17 on 13 Oct 2018 05:30.

The Crystal City was once a city of magic, where wizards and faeries, and other magical creatures came and lived. Then came a great revolution, and the Commissioners rose up and squashed the magical powers of the city's citizens. 200 years later, a ragtag group of young adults seeks to remedy the oppression they've grown up with, and free magic users once again, but at what cost?

Smoke filled the air as the city burned around the Chief Commissioner. Ash and broken stone crunched under his boots as he approached the hill upon which the last of the Leaders, a massive, black-scaled dragon, lay. Bound and chained, the dragon thrashed against his bonds, while nearly a hundred men held the ends of the chains to the ground, pounding them in with eighteen inch tent-spikes. The dragon was 50 feet long, covered in battle spikes, and thick black scales like armor. His eyes were yellow, glowing with inner fire, and his teeth were as long as daggers, and just as sharp. Dragons were nearly invincible, and it had taken hundreds of soldiers to bring this one down. But that meant little to the Commissioner now. His plan was nearly complete.
Behind the dragon, some feet away, were the Sorcerers Supreme, the ExtraOrdinary Wizards, and the ruling class of Magic Users, bloody, wounded, and kneeling beneath the weight of their own chains.
“You cannot defeat us,” The dragon hissed, smoke and blood leaking out from his jaw as he spoke. The blood stained the grass, and burnt it black. The Commissioner nearly stepped back, but caught himself, and forced a smile instead.
“We already have. By this time tomorrow, all magic will belong to the people. You won’t be able to hoard it any longer.” Behind the commissioner, an old man in an ash-stained, once-white coat stumbled up the hill, something trailing from his hand. His hair was white, streaked with grey and red from the battle. As he grew closer, the Commissioner saw it was a bundle of string, and hung on each was a faintly glowing white crystal.
“Doctor,” The commissioner said. “They’re ready?”
“This is only a temporary measure,” The doctor replied. “The crystals will need to be impossible to remove. We are preparing a more permanent means of application. But this will do for now.” He handed the longest string to the Commissioner, who took it reverently. It was truthfully a chain of fine gold and silver, magically enhanced to be unbreakable.
“And now, beast,” he said to the dragon, holding the string aloft with it’s crystal pulsating brighter in the presence of such powerful magical beings. “You will be just like the rest of us!” He slipped it over the dragon’s bound head, and the dragon roared, and thrashed harder, but the men pulled the chains tighter, which was easy to do for the dragon was shrinking, smaller and smaller, until he lay, covered in loose, heavy chains, a mere 6 foot, human figure. With no armor, nor even any clothing to protect him. The ex-dragon forced himself upright from underneath the chains, and snarled at the Commissioner. His eyes were still yellow, but dim as the crystal hung on his bare chest, the chain much shorter now. Short enough that it would be difficult to pull it off over the man’s head. For that’s all he was now. The commissioner took off his own dark coat, and tossed it to the man, who took it and put it on. Though the chains had slipped free, he was as bound as ever. One by one, the doctor slipped a crystal over each captive’s head, where the chain tightened to prevent removal.
“Now you’ll know what it’s like to be just like everyone else.” The commissioner said, as the ex-dragon glared at him. But he could do nothing else. The commissioner turned to the other captives.
“The People will rule Eterna city now!” He shouted. “We will make this a free and equal society! We will give magic to everyone, not just the precious few. No man or beast will hold power over another. We will tear down the wizard tower! We will make Eterna city free!”
From out of the smoke and fire came the thunderous sound of cheers.

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