A placeholder for the template for the new RPG “campaign” concept I’ve been working on. It’ll have to include some instructions.

But basically there will be a cast of characters and probably a GM, and each “chapter” is displayed on the main page, edited with: Character name, Author name, and the actions/dialogue.
This is followed up with a DM description of what the reaction is. Maybe there’s an RNG module to use. This would be optional.

Another detective

by Jsimmons17Jsimmons17 27 Mar 2019 22:48

Everything's good here, move along.



    label: GM's Guide
    type: text
    height: 8
    width: 32
    hint: Add a list of characters or some helpful hints.
    default: The GM hasn't created a guide yet.
    label: Campaign Title
    type: text
    label: Description
    type: text
    height: 8
    width: 150
    hint: Put a description of your campaign here

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